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     Circulation Of Foreign Newspapers In Singapore

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Comments From Ms K Bhavani, Press Secretary To The Minister For Information, Communications And The Arts

"We are rectifying an anomaly for FEER which has been a declared foreign newspaper since December 1987. It was an administrative oversight not to have subjected FEER to the conditions which are required for declared foreign newspapers to circulate in Singapore .

2 When FEER became a monthly publication in December 2004, it ceased to be an offshore newspaper but it continued to be a declared foreign newspaper. We should have continued to subject FEER to the same conditions as other declared foreign newspapers, namely the Wall Street Journal Asia and offshore newspapers.

3 The conditions for offshore newspapers are not something new. Several offshore newspapers have posted the security bond and appointed representatives within Singapore .

4 On the lifting of the exemption for the four offshore newspapers, the Ministry would like to point out that these publications have significant circulation in Singapore and should therefore comply with the conditions for circulation as an offshore publication."

Source: Press Release 3 Aug 2006