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Government corporatising statutory board CISCO


Updates on corporatisation of CISCO

Sir, I will now give a brief update on the latest developments on the corporatisation of CISCO.

MHA has decided to transfer all of CISCO's assets, liabilities, staff and contracts to a new company. This will ensure that the new company has the necessary staff and equipment to continue providing its services, so that disruptions to existing security operations will be minimal.

The new company will operate as a wholly government owned company and will take over and continue to operate in all the business areas that the CISCO Statutory Board is engaging in today. Going forward, the new company can choose to enter new areas or exit existing areas of businesses based on market forces.

MHA will not be giving CISCO a moratorium. This is in the best interests of CISCO, the other APFs and the armed security industry in general. Today, CISCO is already operating some services commercially. A moratorium is thus not necessary.

MHA and CISCO will work with all the relevant parties to ensure a smooth corporatisation. The date of transfer and dissolution of CISCO will be announced when the groundwork has been completed.


Sir, before I conclude, I would like to recognise CISCO's contributions to Singapore as a statutory board over the years. CISCO has played a key role in maintaining safety and security in Singapore all these years, and has been an important member of the Home Team. CISCO has provided security for many of our key installations. Most recently, during the SARS episode, CISCO responded very quickly to our needs, such as when we needed officers to assist in giving out SARS Home Quarantine Orders and in monitoring the compliance of those served with the Home Quarantine Orders. I believe that even after it is corporatised, CISCO, together with the other APFs, will continue to play their role in ensuring the safety and security of Singapore, responding as key partners of the Home Team, when they are called upon.

Sir, the corporatisation of CISCO is a key step in the liberalisation of the armed security industry in Singapore, which in turn, is a necessary response to the prevailing security challenges. The corporatisation of CISCO will allow the auxiliary police forces in Singapore to compete on a level playing field. I am confident that the standards of the APFs in Singapore will improve with competition. This would lead to enhanced physical security and protection of our critical infrastructure and key installations, and help to free up the Singapore Police Force to focus on its core duties.

Sir, I beg to move.

Source: Ministry of Home Affairs Press Release 25 Jan 2005




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