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Noise Singapore Festival 2005

30 Sep - 30 Oct 2005




Noise Singapore

Submission Details


Noise Singapore is now open to all aspiring talents below the age of 25 residing in Singapore.  There are in four categories of works that can be submitted:


Noise Singapore Categories

Types of works allowed

Closing Date of Submission


  • MTV Logos * [1]
  • Graffiti Art design * [2]
  • Digital photography
  • Digital paintings / illustrations / design
  • Animation
  • Videos
  • Fashion and accessories
  • Web-based Games


10 August 2005

Mobile * [3]


  • Mobile Tunes
  • Mobile Pics
  • Mobile Videos


1 August 2005



  • Digital music compositions
  • Sound designs


5 August 2005



  • Blogs * [4]
  • Poetry
  • Scripts
  • Short stories


1 August 2005

* Indicates categories with partners involved.



Submission Guidelines


1.      Entries should be submitted via the Noise Singapore website Participants can follow the simple instructions online to create their personal Noise Singapore account and submit their works.


2.      Participants can submit as many works as they like, in as many categories as they want to.


3.      Works can be submitted individually or as part of a group.  For group submissions, all members of the group must be aged 25 and below. Submission may be made in the name of the group leader, and the group may also provide a group name. Names of all group members should be provided, so that all members may be duly acknowledged if the work gets selected for showcase in October 2005.


4.      Submitted works should be original creations.  Participants may choose to submit adapted works but they should obtain permission and clearance for the use of material (visuals, music, words etc) in their work.  Noise Singapore is not responsible for any infringement of copyrights caused by the creation or submission of participants’ works.

[1] Participants stand to win up to 50 exclusive MTV premiums.  Winning designs will be showcased on Noise Singapore and MTV websites in October 2005.


[2] Participants stand to win prizes worth up to $500. Winning designs will be spray-painted on the Graffiti Wall at the Youth Park during the Noise Singapore Festival Celebrations in October 2005.


[3] Participants stand to win cash prizes of more than $5,000. Winning entries will be available as free downloads on the MobileOne website from October 2005.


[4] Participants stand to win cash and prizes worth up to $3,100. Winning entries will be showcased on Lianhe Zaobao’s Popcorn, Friday Weekly and Thumbs Up.


Noise Singapore

Schedule of Events


Thu 28 April                             Media Launch and Call for Submission



May – July                               Noise Singapore Workshops, Talks and Seminar

§      Video: 6 – 10 June

§      Animation: 13 – 17 June

§      Games: 20 – 24 June

§      Blogs: 21 and 28 May, 2 and 9 July



August                                      Closing dates for submissions

§      1 August – Mobile and Words Categories

§      5 August – Sounds Category

§      10 August – Images Category


                                                Judging and Curation


                                                Notify participants of selected works



Fri 30 September –                  Festival Celebrations @ Youth Park!

Sun 2 October                          Featuring emerging youth talents from Noise Singapore

                                                Spray painting the Graffiti Wall at Youth Park



30 September –                        Noise Singapore Festival 2005

30 October                              Showcase of the selected works on internet, on television, on radio and in print.



                                                Showcase of the best creative works from Singapore institutions on Noise Singapore website


Source: National Arts Council News Release 28 Apr 2005




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