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ExxonMobil Campus Concerts - NUS Hall

Extravaganza (March 2004)



Amplitude 2004

3 March, 7pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre

A combined choir and a cappella concert featuring six halls in NUS, hosted by King Edward VII Hall. Riding on last year’s success, Amplitude will once again showcase vocal talents from the undergraduates and serve as a platform for creative exploration amongst the students. From toe-tapping tunes to jazzy and classical pieces, this vocal effort will indeed be music to the ears and food for the soul!


Dance Uncensored 2004

10 March, 7pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre

After three successive years, Dance Uncensored continues to inspire with its sheer imagination and youthful vigour. Presenting the talented dancers from all six NUS Halls of Residence in an eruptive night of dance galore!


Kulture Eruption 2004 - Seasons

17 March, 7pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre

A cultural performance of eight different art forms (e.g. drama, dance, wushu, etc) brought to you by King Edward VII Hall. Join them for an enchanting experience through the changing seasons from Spring to Summer, Autumn to Winter. As diverse as the seasons, each cultural group will give a unique and rewarding insight to their interpretation of the seasons.


LAN- A Mandarin Play by Eusoff Hall and King Edward VII Hall

24 March, 7pm

University Cultural Centre Theatre

Chinese drama groups from NUS Eusoff Hall and King Edward VII Hall will come together and present the famous story of Qian Nu You Hun (The Legend of the Female Ghost). Watch this popular legend presented with actors in full Chinese ancient costumes and sets, and experience being transported back in time to the Chinese cultures of old.


Dome Kent Ridge is offering a lunch special for all Unplugged Sessions! For just $6, patrons can get a chicken, tuna or egg croissant sandwich and a cup of tea, coffee (black or white) or iced peach tea! Pay $1 more and get a soup-of-the-day. Offer is only valid when an order is placed two days before each session. Call 68742494 to order.


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