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Monday Sessions LIVE at Bar None

4, 11, 18 & 25 Oct 2004




Formed in 1999, Ugly In The Morning is a 6-piece band whose members come from different musical backgrounds. Their songs are a reflection of their diverse musical influences but they prefer to describe their music as Alternative Funk Rock. Ugly In The Morning has had extensive experience playing live to appreciative audiences at various gigs and local music events.

With their combined mix of musical influences and songs inspired by real-life experiences that cover the trials and tribulations of life, women, and alcohol, Ugly In The Morning hopes to connect with people from all walks of life.

Ugly In The Morning's sound can best be described as an eclectic mix of Funk, Blues, and Rock, sprinkled with liberal doses of R&B/Soul.


The players

Eric Lee Singer - Lyricist

Musically, Eric is a big fan of Adam Duritz's vocal and lyrical charisma. He is also a big fan of the musical styles of Tom Petty, the Jayhawks, Wilco, Neil Finn, and Eddy Vedder. Eric honed his vocal skills as a member of an A Cappella group and has sung at numerous events during his university days.

Neal Cooke Singer - Lyricist

Neal loves all sorts of music as long as it doesn't wake the dead. He first discovered his love for singing when he joined a church choir and has been singing, mostly in the shower, ever since. His music tastes range from classical, jazz, pop and rock, and his influences include Incubus, P.O.D, Del Amitri, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Creed, Gin Blossoms, Phantom Planet, Prefab Sprout, B-52s, and OMD.

Noel Ong Guitarist – Songwriter

Noel has been playing guitar for more than ten years and loves the blues & blues music. He firmly believes that all guitarists should start playing the blues first before branching out into other forms of music. He wishes he could write a really really sad song and also believes Peter Green is like Jesus, just fatter.

David Baptista Guitarist – Songwriter

David claims to hear music in his head all day long and insists that playing the guitar gives him solace and stops him from going mad. He has been playing the guitar for more than 15 years and is very influenced by the playing style of John Frusciante. He strives to write songs that make listeners feel happy and sad at the same time. 

Clement Yang Bass Guitarist – Songwriter

Clement is influenced by the likes of Jaco Pastorius, Marcus Miller, Billy Sheehan, Nathan East, John Myung, John Pattituci, and Victor Wooten. He especially likes fusion music and aspires to play the “deep stuff” in jazz. He is also a member of the SAF Music and Drama Company and was recently featured as a finalist in Channel News Asia’s “Get Real” competition.

Ling Pin Drummer

The latest addition to the band, Ling Pin is influenced by progressive rock bands such as Southern Sons, Dream Theater, Rage Against The Machine, Extreme, Tower of Power, Primus, Pantera, and Screaming Headless Torsos. Ling Pin brings a heavier dimension to the band’s overall sound. Besides playing the drums, Ling Pin is a classically trained pianist and can also play a variety of percussion instruments.



The album

Ugly In The Morning’s self-titled debut album is an excursion into guitar-driven rock music that blends strong jazz and pop-based melodies with an emphasis on vocal harmonies and kicking funk rhythms set in captivating arrangements.

The band has blended all their diverse musical backgrounds and tastes to produce an album richly textured with so many different musical styles; it’s hard to pin them down with a label. What stops this album from descending into a mish-mash of poorly connected drivel is the song-writing talents of the band’s two principal songwriters; Noel and David, who are responsible for weaving all their influences into a tapestry of songs, rather than mere jams.

Their songwriting craft is firmly anchored in real life by the emotional core of the band - the lyric-writing skills of Eric and Neal, who give the band their heart, pain, joy and wit. Mostly, the album is a paean to life in Singapore, to being young, not so young, finding out you don't fit in, wanting to fit in, never wanting to fit in, and fitting in when you never thought you would.

This album is meant to be heard with one’s tongue firmly in one’s cheek. On one hand, the album represents nothing more than a bunch of good friends who have crystallized their hopes and dreams onto a CD; on the other hand it aims to persuade the buying public in Singapore of the merits of local music as so many others have done before them.

Past performances

31 Jan 2004 – NUS RockFest 2004, NYC Youth Park

03 Aug 2003 – VoiDeck Music 2, The Substation

12 Jun 2003 – Singapore Street Festival 2003, Orchard Cineleisure

07 Jun 2003 – Singapore Street Festival 2003, NYC Youth Park

15 Mar 2003 – NUS RockFest 2003, NYC Youth Park

15 Mar 2003 – Fiesta @ the Ridge, National University of Singapore

28 Dec 2002 – Through The Ears 2002, Jams The Club

28 Jul 2002 – Music Festival. OD’s backstage Music Bar

22 May 2002 – Ugly In The Morning Live, OD’s Backstage Music Bar

09 Dec 2000 – Yamaha Band Alert 2000, Hard Rock Cafe






After the demise of steelcityskies in mid 2004, two of the members, Nigel and Fuzz decided to form a new band. With this new band the two members would embark on a different kind of sound. It'll be a definite departure from the dark, brooding melodies of SCS.

Nigel will now be the singer and guitar player while Fuzz retains his position as lead guitar player. There are two new additional members to the band and they are Rudolf (formerly of clothespeg, and now cimmanon) on drums and Eugene (from Nigel's other band, Melt) on bass. After much discussion, IF was chosen as a band name as it was inspired by a friend's wedding ring and the fact that the word, if, has such a 'floating' positive feel to it.

The band has only been together since late August this year but there are plans to record an album and they hope to play as many gigs as possible.


Nigel, vocals/guitar

Fuzz, lead guitar

Rudolf, drums

Eugene, bass




Lunarin was consecrated to the goddess Selene on 8 March 2003. It was originally conceived as a side project of 3 former members of veteran local indie rock band Fuzzbox. The side project developed into a full-fledged entity and Fuzzbox disbanded in 2003.

Tired of conventional song writing styles and looking for a new outlet to experiment with new sounds and ideas, the trio began writing songs to test the boundaries of their skills and preconceived notions of rhythm, melodies and song structures.

Songs are crafted through an arduous process – odd timed rhythms are often placed alongside melodic guitar hooks and vocal melodies. Song structures are broken down and undefined. Rhythm pulses are made to syncopate with a vocal idea or a guitar part. All in all every song is a short story, an image, an idea, a color, a journey, and an entity in its own right.


Ho Kah Wye (guitars, vocals)

Loo Eng Teck (drums, vocals)

Linda Ong (bass, vocals)

Past gigs

February 2003 -  Revolution at Oosh

July 2003 -  Baybeats 2003

May 2003 -  Blast the Sound

August 2003 -  Local MAP at Republic Polytechnic

August 2004 -  Grrl Fest II

Radio airplay

 “99” and “Heal” – Zero Tondo, Fuzzbox, played on Zach’s Trax

 “(Dead White) Butterflies” and “My Left Brain” – Some Tranquil Devices, Fuzzbox -  played on Perfect Ten 98.7 FM and Passion Radio.

 “Broken” and “Touch the Sun” – Some Tranquil Devices, Fuzzbox, played on Passion Radio

Live Interview on Passion Radio (Fuzzbox) – August 2001






18 OCTOBER:                LIVE HOUSE MUSIC



Phorous started off when VJ aka MC Sleepwalker was producing some dance music back in 2002. He needed some analog elements in the music that he was doing, so he approached fuzz aka magnumF, the guitar player for indie rock band steelcityskies, to help out.

Initially, fuzz just played guitar bits to the music that VJ produced but after a while they started to write new stuff together. Seeing that this collaboration is veering off to another direction (away from the original plan that VJ had), they decided to form Phorous to cater to this new direction in music. So on they went with this new found expression until they realized that there can be no way that Phorous can ever play live with just plain guitar and programming. It would be empty. Thus, bass player from rock band Electrico, Desmond aka Slantboy was roped in to add a better pulse to the music. Let's face it, programmed bass just doesn't cut it.

With VJ on the mic and programming, fuzz on guitar and Desmond on bass, the Phorous lineup is complete. However, there are some future plans to add a drummer and maybe another guitar player. The philosophy behind Phorous (for now) is that every song will be different in the context of style and personnel. Every song would ideally feature a different singer, drummer or any kind of musician who would add a different feel to the songs in the Phorous repertoire. So far, Phorous has worked with Imran from the Sghiphop collective and Ery, drummer from Astreal and steelcityskies.

Currently, Phorous are recording their debut album at their home studio. So far about 5 tracks are finished and some guests are featured on the songs. Some of the guest musicians are Ginette (Astreal), Akiko (SquirrelK and the Shyrockers), Imran (Sghiphop) and Ery (Astreal, steelcityskies). There are plans to add on more guest musicians to the future album

Phorous personnel

Sleepwalker (programming and shouting)

magnumF (guitar treatments)

Slantboy (low end pulse)



25 OCTOBER:                INDIE ROCK



Great rock n’ roll music starts from a universal truth – the desire to express yourself while also believing you should be famous. At the same time it all has to start somewhere. Electrico began as an outfit called Electric Company in 1996. After playing some shows and making a name for themselves in the independent music scene in Singapore, they disbanded in 2000 amidst a record deal that never culminated and issues like National Service and professional career prospects dividing the members. Electric Company was over…but by no means finished.

In May 2003, chief songwriter David Tan, now an accomplished and popular club DJ, feels the itch to pick up his guitar and finish what he started. Phone calls are made, old fires are sparked. Desmond Goh has been playing with many different bands, honing his fine bass skills with experience; his partner-in-rhythm-section-crime William Lim Jr is a fledgling sound engineer in a recording studio, with a daily bash at the drum kit becoming a required routine. Enter Daniel Sassoon, a guitarist, whose previous semi-infamous band Livonia had just called it quits after 10 years. From the first rehearsal with this rejuvenated lineup, sparks flew and the rush was back, stronger than ever.

A new band name was needed to mark a new beginning that was undeniably tethered to passions that started brewing years ago. Electrico was settled upon as the name to bring it all down but it was clear that keyboards were needed. Amanda Ling, erstwhile of the band Throb, was talent scouted for her funky grooves, finger-hopping keyboard prowess, and undeniable cuteness. Amanda proved the perfect match, and the chemistry set was complete. Electrico became and now still is one big, happy (if not slightly demented and twisted) family.

The band didn’t believe in sticking around waiting for things to happen. In October 2003, Electrico hit Snakeweed Acoustic Labs to commence recording what was to become their debut album So Much More Inside with arguably Singapore’s most highly regarded producer cum sound engineer Leonard Soosay (Plain Sunset, Urban Xchange, CCCrush, Pug Jelly, Return To Fall) at the helm. 9 months of sessions followed, characterized by periods of intensity, exhaustion, fun, catharsis, brainstorm and a lot of vodka.

The band’s manifesto was to have the finest sounding product emerge from Singapore, to refute all the hometown prejudice faced by every local musician with regard to the quality of the songwriting and the sound recording. Meticulous near-obsessive attention was paid to detail. The warm, lifelike guitar tones - a connoisseur’s dream - were crafted through a mix n’ match of 12 different guitars, top-end tube amplifiers and a case full of various boutique effects pedals. Lush keyboards, orchestration and vibraphones were layered to seep through the thick sound.

In April 2004, Leonard took the finished mix to Marcussen Mastering studio in Hollywood USA, where world-renown mastering engineer Stephen Marcussen (REM, Incubus, Matchbox 20, Jet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rolling Stones, Weezer) put the final flourishes on the album - and as a bonus, gave it his high praise to boot. The end result can only be described as HUGE and aurally stunning. It’s a complete, textured album with great songs that flow seamlessly and no filler moments. It crosses musical styles and platforms with poise and style, and it radiates with a positive, feelgood, uplifting vibe.

Universal Music Singapore apparently felt the same way too, signing the band under a licensing deal and releasing the album on 16 August 2004, their first actual local signing in years. Universal Music Australia is also simultaneously distributing the album in Australia, an exciting first for a Singapore band.

So, Electrico has suddenly shifted into overdrive. Radio stations have been plugging the infectious groovy power pop of the first single "I Want You", its chorus a giant singalong among the audience at Electrico's incendiary live shows. Every live show is a treat to watch as well as to hear, seeing the band bouncing all over the stage, scissor-kicks and all, while somehow remaining as tight as new jeans – it’s 100% rock action in all its sometimes dumb, always entertaining, fist-in-the-air glory.

Electrico is about to embark on its first overseas tour in September, to Australia, supporting their album release there. They've got a short documentary film called "Show And Tell", shot and assembled by Leonard who followed the band around for months with a videocamera, and it tells an often hilarious but heartfelt story about life-changing decisions and backstage hijinks.

The band has also just shot their first music video for the next single “Runaway”, which is currently in post-production. Electrico shuttles between rehearsals, getting and playing shows, writing new material, sussing out the next best steps to take, planning more tours, promoting their album, and winning new fans wherever they go. The story's barely begun, and the fun part is only just starting. They're driven by passion, and there's lots of fuel in the tank. Pop in the CD, turn it up, plug into this electric company and rock and roll, rock and roll.

Electrico members

Daniel Sassoon Guitars

David Tan Lead vocals, guitars

Desmond Goh Bass

Amanda Ling Keyboards

William Lim Jr Drums, backing vocals



So Much More Inside was released on 16 Aug 04 by Universal Music Singapore. In the first week of its release, it debuted at No. 6 on the HMV Charts; a week later it’s at No. 4.


I Want You is the lead radio single, getting major playlist action on Perfect 10 98.7fm. It has charted on the Top 20 Charts on the week commencing 5 Sep 04. Power 98fm first previewed the song back in May and have brought it back on heavy rotation.

Live performances


Mon 12 July Bar None, Marriott Hotel – Exclusive Showcase

Sun 18 July Baybeats Festival, Esplanade Theatres On The Bay (+ Last Days Of April)

Sat 14 August Concert by the Bay / Singapore Fireworks Festival, Marina Promenade (+ Ashlee Simpson)

Fri 27 August HMV Instore Appearance and performance, The Heeren

Sun 29 August An Indie-Pendent Weekend, Esplanade Theatres On The Bay

Fri 17 September Esplanade Front Bar, Melbourne AU (+ Screamfeeder + The Suits + Cannon)

Sat 18 September Grainery Lane, Ballarat AU (+ Screamfeeder + The Suits)

Wed 22 September The Troubador, Brisbane AU (+ The Whats)

Thu 23 September Newcastle University, Newcastle AU (+ Screamfeeder + Gerling)

Fri 24 September Green Room, Canberra AU (+ Screamfeeder)

Sat 25 September Annandale Hotel, Sydney AU (+ Screamfeeder)

Sat 9 October LIME magazine showcase (details TBC)

Sat 16 October Cleo 10th Anniversary show, Zouk (guest band)

Wed 20 October On A Glitter Wave, University Cultural Center at National University of Singapore (+Lunarin)

Fri 22 to Sun 24 October Made In Singapore concerts, Esplanade Theatres On The Bay (exact dates TBC)

Thu 28 October Power 98 fm’s Power Band Competition Finals, Zouk (guest band)

Sat 30 October Mediacorp Subaru WRX Challenge, Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza


Thu 3 July Hard Rock Café

Sun 20 July Baybeats Festival, Esplanade Theatres On The Bay

Sat 25 August World Cyber Games, Ngee Ann City

Fri 5 September SeptFest – The Substation Anniversary, The Substation

Mon 22 September Bar None, Marriott Hotel – Monday Sessions: “The Auditions”

Thu 25 September Bar None, Marriott Hotel – Charity Night

Mon 6 October Bar None, Marriott Hotel – Monday Sessions

Mon 27 October Bar None, Marriott Hotel – Monday Sessions

Sat 13 December Stasis VI, The Substation Guinness Theatre

Wed 31 December 2003 / Thu 1 Jan 2004 New Years’ Eve concerts, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay  




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