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     Travel Web sites  Zuji, meaning footprint in Chinese, is the name of a new online travel portal that has opened in Asia Pacific - in Singapore and Australia.  The website of Misa Travel, a travel agency  is the website of the Air France airlines in Singapore, offers on line booking, international flights schedules, frequent flyer services, baggage tracking, and more...

Anti-theftSecuritySystemsForAirportRetailers provides anti-theft product protection for all airport retailers, ensuring better profits for the retailers.

AsiaTravelMart is a travel website is a travel website with bargain fares from the region (Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia & New Zealand). It is an e-commerce initiative of Chan Brothers.

Chan Brothers  Online travel shopping

Dynasty Travel  Online travel shopping is an online travel website which offers a wide choice of flights, hotels and cars for booking online., which offers listings of short-haul tour packages tour operators want to sell off quickly, was launched on 17 May 2000. is all about getting bagtags to help you find your lost luggage. All you need do is purchase the bagtags, with unique serial numbers, from them; register your bagtags; stick them on your luggage and go travelling. If your luggage gets lost, and someone has found it, will notify you via phone, fax or e-mail. A great idea.  Hongkong hotels booking is provided. Hongkong side and Kowloon side hotels booking service. Information about Hongkong hotels, festivals and events, maps, etc.. helps you to understand more about the Land of the Rising Sun. Besides introductions on the food, places, culture and customs of Japan, it also has free online Japanese lessons which allow you to undestand Nihongo better. backpacking and adventure travelogues by Singapore writer.  Ortus International offers language tours to experience and explore England, France, China, and Japan and to study the language at the same time. These total packages include return air ticket, tuition, accommodation, meals, excursions, and lots more.  Offering a variety of guesthouses in Phuket, with a comfortable accommodation. You can make your stay there really substantial.  Rockin'  Angels Adventure & Sport Fishing Charters. Specialise in island cruises, snorkeling, fishing and other wide selections under the sun from Singapore to the Riau islands of Indonesia.

SA Tours  Online travel shopping is the travel website of SAFE Superstore. Tour to Nepal, Tibet, & Bhutan.

Singapore Airlines  Take a 3-dimensional virtual-reality tour of an SIA aircraft

Singapore Island Adventures This site has information on getaway ideas to the nearby Riau Islands.  is a leading travel agency in Nepal operating tours to Tibet with fixed departure dates every Tuesday & Saturday, a fixed tour to Mt Kailash, tour & trek in Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Darjeeling, and India for Buddhist pilgrimage tour. is a travel website launched on 19 Jul 2000

TRADEWINDS  For all your travel needs  A travel and tourism portal is committed to giving today's discerning leisure and business traveller a unique and distinctive experience in a modern and impersonal age. By providing their consumers access to knowledge and unlimited choices, they let the customer customise a holiday getaway that will suit him/her specifically. Whether it's inspiration for short weekend escapes or the holiday of a lifetime, will provide the answers you need. They offer information and booking on flights, hotels, independent travel trips in Asia Pacific and beyond. is a travel website  Zuji, meaning footprint in Chinese, is the name of a new online travel portal that has opened in Asia Pacific - in Singapore and Australia.




  About 40,000 people visited the three-day Natas Holidays 2002 at Suntec City, according to the National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (Natas). A total of 150 exhibitors in 385 booths participated in the travel fair. (Straits Times 23 Sep 2002) (3)

  Singapore Airlines pilots, unhappy over having to take their in-flight rests breaks in economy class seats, are threatening industrial action for the first time in over 20 years. The dispute erupted when pilots were told that with the new Spacebed seats installed in the airline's business class, there would be fewer seats available, resulting in them having to take their breaks in economy class if there were no empty business class seats. The new arrangements were to have come into effect on June 7, but implementation was delayed till Aug 1. (Straits Times 14 Aug 2002) (3)

  United Airlines eliminates paper tickets

  Zuji - online travel portal - opens here

  Online travel service Priceline, which launched its Singapore service, , yesterday, said travellers who use it can slice an average of 20 per cent, and up to 30 per cent, off regular air ticket and hotel prices. But customers cannot pick a specific airline or hotel as this will be selected by Priceline from its pool of partners - 25 airlines and more than 8,000 hotels around the world. (Straits Times 30 May 2002) (H3)

  The number of sellers at this year's Pacific Asia Travel Association (Pata) Travel Mart has shrunk to 191, a 27-per-cent drop against last year's. Pata had struck a deal with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to hold the three-day exhibition in Singapore for 10 years, starting in 1998. In that year, 430 sellers turned up and in subsequent years, the average number of sellers was 300. Journalists yesterday proposed that holding it in a different country every year would acquaint delegates with more destinations.(11 Apr 2002) 

United Airlines yesterday took out a full-page advertisement in The Straits Times promoting its economy-class, round-trip offer to Hongkong. The offer was to promote the airline's resumption of daily flights from Singapore to Hongkong on 8 April 2002. 100 tickets at S$88 each were up for grabs and all the tickets were snapped up within an hour and 45 minutes. (Straits Times 26 Mar 2002) (1)

  Cruise and ferry passengers will have to go through strict security checks at the Singapore Cruise Centre from May 1. Search counters, X-ray machines, walk-through detectors and metal detectors will be used to check every passenger and his baggage at the centre's cruise and ferry terminals. (Straits Times 22 Mar 2002) (H8)

  Perth: Overseas visitors, including Singaporeans, are being killed or seriously injured in alarming numbers on the road to tourist attractions in the state of Western Australia, according to a report here. Quoting police, The Sunday Times said tourists often get off a plane and hit the road at high speed in hired cars, with some of them having no idea of speed limits or road rules. Latest official figures show that holders of foreign driving licences were involved in more than 2,800 crashes between January 1996 and December 2000. Thirteen died, 204 were hospitalised and 530 needed outpatient medical treatment. In 2000, 213 people were killed on the roads of Western Australia. (Straits Times 25 Feb 2002) (4)


Monthly lifestyle travel magazine


Maiden Issue: Volume 1 (Feb 2002)

  As the travel industry shows more signs of recovering, Singapore Airlines announced yesterday that it will reinstate five services it had cut last year when demand fell after Sept 11. It will also add more flights to China and increase the number of seats to the United States and destinations in South-east Asia from next month. (Straits Times 6 Feb 2002) (4)

  The 29-year-old Ken-Air Tours is closing down. Mr Kenny GOH, its founder and managing director, yesterday applied to put the Ken-Air Leisure Group and its 14 subsidiaries into provisional liquidation. The Group was founded in 1973 and, over the year, became one of the biggest travel players here, with annual turnover exceeding S$100 million. (Straits Times 2 Feb 2002)(3)

  Men applying for visas to study or work in the United States will now have to declare if they have taken part in armed conflict, or have specialist skills in nuclear or biological weapons. Men between 16 and 45 years old will have to state this in an extra form. The move comes in the wake of the Sept 11 terrorist attacks. American embassy spokesman Tom Gradisher emphasised that the new requirement applies worldwide. (Straits Times 25 Jan 2002)(H7)


  Almost half of Singapore, aged 15 and above, took at least one trip abroad that lasted more than two days last year, either by crossing the border to Malaysia or going further afield. According to the Department of Statistics' 2000 census, 1.21 million people went overseas for a holiday or work at least once a year. About 17,000 of them made 25 or more trips in the 12 months, most likely for business purposes. Nearly half of this group came from households earning S$8,000 and above each month. 26 per cent of HDB residents made at least one trip, compared to 35 per cent of those living in landed properties and 41 per cent of condominium residents. (Straits Times 7 Dec 2001) (H2)

  From 1 Jul 2001, travel agents will only have one week to pay airlines for the tickets the agencies have issued. Before, they had two weeks to pay. The National Association of Travel Agents Singapore (Natas) said this change will make it hard for agents to extend credit to corporate clients for between 14 and 30 days as they had been doing. (Straits Times 8 Jun 2001)


  Nine Asia-Pacific airlines, including Singapore Airlines, are setting up an online travel agency, in what is believed to be a joint investment of about US$100 million (S$172 million). The yet unnamed portal will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

  Singaporeans can continue to travel without visas to the United States, despite the expiry of the Visa Waiver Pilot Programme. Under this programme, citizens of member-countries can enter the US for business or on holiday without visas for stays of up to 90 days. During their stay, they are not allowed to work, study or change the status of their visitor status. A US embassy spokesman said the US Immigration and Naturalisation Service has developed procedures to ensure citizens of participating countries would not be affected by this temporary lapse.





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