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     Internet Stuff: Lifestyle, Hobbies & Sports

       Lifestyle, Hobbies & Sports  Home for designed and hand-stitched Teddy Bear. is a magazine (E-zine) for working professionals.  Offers free classifieds & personals for cars, jobs, real estate, collectibles, computers, electronics, pets, personals, business opportunities and more.

     American Phonecards & Collectibles Pte Ltd  is all about phone cards.

     AsiaSmart.Com  Subscribe to your favourite magazine at great discounts online.

     Automotive21 is a website catering to automotive enthusiasts. It offers free company listing as well as vehicle repair information.

     BikersHomepage fulfils all your motorcycling needs in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  Info, rides, ads, links, tours, pics, hangouts, and more.

     BritishDragonBoatTeamInSingapore is the website of the British Chamber Of Commerce Guinness Dragon Boat Team in Singapore. Dragon Boating is a great way to get fit, meet fellow ex-pats. Come along and join us. You don't have to be experienced, fit or British.  An online entertainment & lifestyle magazine with music, movie, fashion and book reviews. Also has games, happening and hype stuff sections.  Simple point-and-shoot camera or sophisticated professional lenses and bodies. Online Photography shops. Dealer manurfacturers in Singapore.  is an online car mall. It is equipped with a complete gallery of all car models and virtual reality shots of cabin interiors.

     chessgallery carries a wide range of chess sets and accessories.  The Club is a brilliantly designed concept tailored to offer adventure seeking outdoor enthusiasts a wealth of activities.

     Coca Cola  Their Singapore website has games, contests and e-greetings and everything you want to know about Coca Cola.

     CoolConnect connects you with your regular dose of lifestyle needs, such as sending e-cards to friends; playing mahjong online and finding your mahjong Kakis; chatting to your heart's delight in their wide range of chatrooms; and staying in touch with your friends through their free web-based e-mail service.      

     Soon, you will be able to take photographs and then create an online album for your pictures on their new yet-to-be-launched Media Album. But, before you can do all these things, first, you need to register with them online. Other attractions on their website are discussion forums, DIY clubs and jobs for you. now.

     David Sports Engraving Pte Ltd offers awards, recognition plaques, and engraving services. was launched on 18 Apr 2000. It is a lifestyle website, big on stars, with video, music, TV and movies online. is the website of Courts, the lifestyle store which lets you buy furniture, furnishings, appliances and computers on hire purchase.

     EzyHealth.Com  is a Singapore-based community website specialising in health, beauty and fitness. They have great articles on health matters as well as a health directory in which you can find information on dentists, doctors, hospitals, hospices, etc. Visit them today!  is the website to visit for Eileen Wee's homepage. It has got her bio, pictures, etc., Some other local celebrities also have their homepages set up on the website. Besides celebrities, jokes, movies, sports, career, and money are also featured on this website. is the website of Hassan's Carpets located at Tanglin Shopping Centre. They sell hand-knotted oriental carpets.  Home for designed and hand-stitched Teddy Bear.

     Homex provides free space for your personal home pages, classifieds, calendars, diaries and bookmarks.

     JuzClickCar.Com  A new CarMart website. You can buy or sell second-hand cars on this website. For buyers, though you can't check the car physically, you are assured it's in good condition because all cars sold are inspected by STA Inspection and certified and graded accordingly. Read also OUR ARTICLE. is the website of The Legends Golf and Country Resort in Malaysia. It is a masterplanned resort. is an on-line, one-stop, one-source, lifestyle portal for women in Asia, focusing on personal well-being. Read a wealth of information, go shopping, search specialised services, create your own personal e-blackbook and win prizes.  sells bikes from Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and others. has gone online. It has up to 2.5 million books for your selection.

     Ndp2000 features this year's National Day Parade which will be held at the Padang. It brings back a column drive-past of military vehicles and hardware through housing estates. opened its Online Bookstore on 15 Mar 2000. With over 3 000 000 books and 600 000 titles to choose from, visitors to the new website are spoilt for choice. has software which lets you analyse 4-D and Toto (lottery) games in Singapore. It also churns out possible winning numbers, but don't bet your last dollar on the numbers as the people behind the website do not guarantee you will definitely be successful. Besides 4-D and Tot, football, golf, as well as information on cars are featured on the website. They even have a used-car-buyer's checklist which details the steps you, as a potential car buyer should go through to ascertain the condition of the used car you are interested in buying. The website, which went online in August 1999, also has a currency converter and world time indicator.

     PacFusion.Com  A website which offers you a world of quality lifestyle services from travel and shopping, to news and finance. You even get paid for surfing.  has everything you need to know about a new game in Singapore in which two groups shoot at each other with guns firing paintballs (small spheres containing water-soluble dye). Great fun. You can play this game at Orchid Country Club. It is open to the public. Charges are S$15 each for members of the public and S$10 for club members. Paintballs cost between S$10 and S$400 for between 20 and 2500 paintballs.

     PLANET E  A new Internet lifestyle magazine. First monthly issue: Feb 2000. offers mobile phone plans for usage of SingTel mobile services. Benefits include online membership that entitles user to use of Internet lifestyle tools on the website.  The Club offers members a wealth of interesting activities for the entire family. is the website of the Singapore Yachting Association. You can also find useful tide tables. is the website of the Singapore Canoe Federation which was founded in 1971 to promote canoeing activities.

     Singapore Zoological Gardens has a website which is bound to keep you and your children entertained. It has interactive games and maps to keep you busy. A Latest Happenings section tells you more about the new exhibits as well as animal species, such as the rare proboscis monkeys from Indonesia, which are housed at the zoo. Take a look at their colourful pictures - it's true, a picture is worth a thousand words.

     You can also browse through the Night Safari, the world's first wildlife park built to be viewed at night. Some other sections on this website are: Animal Adoption, Walking Trails and Conservation.

     Skateline is the one-stop specialist centre that satisfies your in-line skating needs whether you're getting your first pair of skates or training for speed, fitness, hockey or stunts. They also have beginner, intermediate and advanced courses.

     Snow City is the website of a new attraction, Snow City, in sunny Singapore. is an online digital download music distributor. offers auction services for used cars. Sellers and buyers can log on to the website and register to participate. Those of you who wish to rent cars can register your booking dates through it. The rental cars are provided by Prime Leasing Car Rental. You can also look up car repair workshops, financing, and insurance.


     StormRidersMotorcycleClub is a members-driven club and organises riding trips to Malaysia and Thailand. is a home entertainment website. You can rent DVD videos from them @ S$5 per disc. Free home delivery if you order 3 or more discs. Otherwise you can pick them up at any of their authorised local outlets.

     T.K.Foto Technic Simple point-and-shoot camera or sophisticated professional lenses and bodies. Photography shop in Singapore. Learn to swim the correct stroke and whom to contact to take up swimming lessons. There is also a section on CPR and First Aid. Your source for stamps and collectibles and information about them on the world wide web. Payments by all major credit cards are handled through secure server. Whilst based in Singapore, they have customers in over 80 countries, buying a wide range of topical stamps, stamps by country and other collectables. They also buy Singapore stamps and those of other Asian countries. Check their auctions at eBay (search for seller 'webstampstore').

     WOOF! Webvision Woof! Woof! Woof! A new website specialising in webcasts has taken root. Woof! Webvision is Asia's first television station on the internet. It offers 16 channels and a myriad of programmes ranging from finance to music videos and trailers.  Recently aired Television Corporation Of Singapore (TCS) programmes are also available for visitors to catch - in case they missed them on TV. There is even a car channel where users can engage in virtual video test drives of popular models in Singapore.

    World Of Sports  A new website from a retailer in sporting goods.

     Universal Archery Funshoot  is the place to go to if you want to shoot some arrows using a bow. is the website of the Singapore Wing Chun Kuen. Provides information and instructions on Wing Chun Ving Tsun system. Simple yet practical.  A new lifestyle website. It has The Reading Mall in which you can find information on 12 areas of interest: fashion, looks, body, sex & relationships, decorations, travel, bridal, great chefs, stars, wheels, medical and features. It takes quite a while for their pages to load as they have all sorts of fancy gadgets embedded. By the way, they have an auction mall, and a shopping city in the offing.

     Yellow Pages Commerce Bid Online  where you can register your name and then bid for the items you want to buy. Items on sale range from organisers, VCD players, gas cookers and cameras to handphones.