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     Community Issues - Compulsory CIP for Schools

     Community Involvement Project (CIP) Programme for Schools


Changes to CCA and CIP for university admission

"... it will no longer be necessary to have a fixed CCA points system for junior college (JC) and Centralised Institute (CI) students applying to university from 2007 onwards. MOE will remove the CCA grading system, PEARLS, for first year students in JCs starting from this year.

"At the same time, MOE will remove the minimum 6-hour requirement for CIP for all students in JCs and the CI from this year. The CIP scheme, introduced in 1998, is now a vibrant feature of JC life..."



Monday with the Editor: Of pre-university students and CIP

"These boys from Maris Stella were busy running up to the young and the old. You could see the eagerness in their faces as they went about their task. Each approach was energetic, and though some pedestrians did not donate, the boys were not disheartened.

"In these boys, I saw the same enthusiasm which gripped me as a secondary student some thirty years ago when I was selling flags for charity. These boys from Maris Stella were certainly not of the same grain as the one who took the donation tin to lunch with his parents..."



Excerpt of article by Jane Ng in Upfront column of The Straits Times of 11 Mar 2005

"Compelled to do his bit for the community last year, junior college student Clement Auo was a Red Cross Society Flag Day volunteer. Here's how he spent that day.

"In the morning, he signed in, collected the donation tin and charity stickers.

Then, instead of pounding the streets and going up to strangers, he went home, dropped some coins into the tin and took it with him to lunch with his parents.

"At 5pm, he returned it to the collection point...

"He was not the only one who got the points without doing the work...

"It's feedback like that, showing how a well-intentioned programme went awry, that led to Education Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam's announcement on Wednesday, scrapping it at pre-university level..."