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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 30 January 2008

 Revision in vehicle taxes


Revision In Vehicle Taxes

Reduction in Road Tax by 15% Reduction in Additional Registration Fee
As announced by the Minister for Transport, Mr Raymond Lim, the Government will reduce the road tax for cars, motorcycles, taxis and commercial vehicles by 15%. The Additional Registration Fee (ARF) for cars, taxis and goods-cum-passenger vehicles (GPVs) will also be reduced.
The reduction is part of the package of measures to manage road usage, which takes effect from July 2008, and is in line with Government's approach to gradually reduce the tax burden on vehicle ownership in tandem with the shift towards more usage measures to manage congestion on the roads.
Reduction in Road Tax
The road tax for cars, motorcycles, taxis, buses and goods vehicles will be lowered by 15% with effect from 1st July 2008
The road tax for cars will be reduced by 15% from 1st July 2008 as shown in Table 1 below:

Engine Capacity (EC) in cc

New 6-Monthly Road Tax Formulae (from 1st July 2008)

EC < 600 $200 x 0.782
600 < EC < 1,000 [$200 + $0.125(EC-600)] x 0.782
1,000 < EC < 1,600 [$250 + $0.375(EC-1000)] x 0.782
1,600 < EC < 3,000 [$475 + $0.75(EC-1,600)] x 0.782
EC > 3,000 [$1,525 + $1(EC-3,000)] x 0.782


Source: News Release 30 Jan 2008

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