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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 27 December 2006

Singapore launches world's first commercial 100Mbps residential broadband service


Singapore Becomes First Country in the World to Commercially Launch 100Mbps Residential Broadband Service Nation-wide Using DOCSIS 3.0 Technology

StarHub Combines DOCSIS 3.0 and Velocity to OfferallStarHub MaxOnline (MOL) Customers Ultra-High Broadband Speeds

From tomorrow, Singapore will become the first country in the world to commercially launch 100Mbps residential broadband services nation-wide, as StarHub marks another milestone with its deployment of DOCSIS 3.0 technology.
To ensure that all MOL customers can experience the full capabilities of DOCSIS 3.0 and access ultra-high broadband speeds immediately, StarHub has combined this network upgrade with VELOCITY, StarHub¡¯s content-collaboration programme that makes it easy for companies providing online content and services to host their applications in Singapore.
Combining the DOCSIS 3.0 access with the VELOCITY programme, StarHub has created a dual-mode network profile for each MOL cable modem connection:
  1. A full-speed profile, for accessing locally-hosted content such as those provided by VELOCITY partners;
  2. A prescribed-speed profile, for accessing other Internet content hosted overseas at the price point customers prefer;
Based on StarHub¡¯s on-going residential broadband market research, this dual-mode network profile is used to better serve the needs of all MOL customers.
With this development, StarHub will simultaneously introduce the following across-the-board upgrade to all its MOL broadband plans, effective tomorrow.
Customers of MOL Express (formerly MOL 6000), FlexiSurf Express (formerly FlexiSurf 6000) and MOL Premium (formerly MOL 12000), using a DOCSIS 1.1 cable modem, will be able to experience broadband speeds of up to 32Mbps via the full-speed profile, when they access popular websites and web-based services hosted within StarHub¡¯s Velocity programme.
Concurrently, broadband speeds to access non-Velocity sites will be based on the customer¡¯s subscribed plan via the prescribed-speed profile (i.e. up to 6Mbps for MOL Express and FlexiSurf Express and up to 12Mbps for MOL Premium).
MOL Ultimate users will get two network profiles ¨C full-speed and prescribed speed ¨C that will give them a speed boost of up to 32Mbps regardless of whether they access Velocity or non-Velocity websites.

Source: Press Release 27 Dec 2006

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