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Monday with the Editor: School Holidays Start


Hallo everyone

The month-long school holidays have started. Last Friday was the last day of school for kids and teenagers here. It was a busy day at all schools in Singapore as it was report card day. 

Students who failed three or more subjects had to get their parents or guardians to accompany them back to school that Friday afternoon to collect their report cards.

The last week of school was a time of fun for students. Schools let their students wind down from the stress of the examination period by letting them go on excursions to educational institutions and local attractions, such as the Singapore Zoo, during curriculum time. Some schools arranged for their students to do community work, such as collecting old newspapers, in the neighbourhood.

These activities for students helped free teachers from classroom lessons so that they could process exam results for inclusion in the students' report cards.

It might be economic downturn time, but many parents, no doubt, will be taking their kids along with them for a vacation in a nearby country such as Malaysia, Thailand or Indonesia.

Those who for some reason or other cannot holiday overseas should take heart in the fact that there are many activities in store for them on the island itself.

Here are some major ones:

- Great Singapore Sale 2004

- Singapore Art Festival 2004

But, it's a long month ahead for many other students who would rather stay at home than partake in these activities. Parents, no doubt, dread this month because household expenses shoot up as a result of their kids' home activities, such as playing on the computer and watching TV.

I have been saying this several times and I find myself saying it again. Some students do not get to return to school at the end of June as a result of accidents. Students should take care of themselves this month and not do dangerous things. Cycling against the flow of traffic and jay-walking are some of the common causes of accidents involving young people. 



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Public Holidays VESAK DAY is the next public holiday. It falls on 2 June 2004.


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