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MOE approves two new privately funded schools


MOE has reviewed the proposals received for setting up privately-funded schools.  Two proposals have been approved.  They were submitted by:

a. Anglo-Chinese School Board of Governors; and

b.  The Singapore Chinese High School  Board of Directors.

The proposals for setting up privately-funded schools were evaluated based on the quality of the programmes, the credibility of the operators and whether they would be a valuable addition to the education landscape.

The proposals submitted by Anglo-Chinese School Board of Governors and The Singapore Chinese High School Board of Directors were approved based on the strength of the management team, the coherence of their curriculum offerings, and the quality of education they can potentially offer to their students.


On 13 Aug 03, MOE invited proposals for setting up privately-funded schools.   The setting up of 2-3 privately-funded schools at the secondary or junior college (JC) level is a key recommendation of the JC/Upper Secondary Review Committee to introduce greater diversity in the education landscape and greater choice for our students.

As a requirement, privately-funded schools would need to provide a Singaporean environment as well as adhere to MOE’s bilingual policy and incorporate National Education (NE) into their curriculum.  It is also envisaged that Singaporeans/ Permanent Residents will comprise at least 50% of privately-funded schools’ enrolment.

MOE received five proposals by the close of submission on 31 Dec 03.  They were submitted by:

a. AIT Unicampus;

b. Anglo-Chinese School Board of Governors;

c. Indian Trust Singapore Ltd;

d. Philip James School of Learning;

e. The Singapore Chinese High School Board of Directors.

Source: Ministry of Education Press Release 12 Apr 2004



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