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Monday with the Editor: Our Web statistics revealed


Hallo everyone

For the past five years, we have been keeping our Web site's statistics private. Today, we are revealing our statistics to all our readers. Our hits are quite modest - 2.5 million last month. However, we are happy with the numbers. For one thing, they show that people are still returning our Web site after five long Internet years.

This Web site attracts visitors from all over the world. We are glad that the proportion of local visitors has been climbing steadily over time. It goes to show that we are moving in the right direction.

However, our forums and databases have not been effective in drawing input from our visitors. Perhaps, time will change all that. We are patient. We will wait.

Not all of our Web statistics are being revealed currently, though. We prefer to take a step at a time. Right now, visitors can find out how many daily hits, pageviews, and unique visitors we have here. In the near future, we will reveal more of the statistics. We do not fear competition - our aim is to serve all you visitors out there.

There're no secret ingredients in our formula for attracting return visitors - we merely provide content and pictures. Today, our Web site has grown to 6450 pages thick. Now, that's quite a feat! And we do it all for the sake of preserving the present for the future generation of Singaporeans.

We do not ask for glory. And we are not supermen. We cannot include everything that is important, for we have only two pairs of hands between us. But, just imagine, these hands put together all that you see here. These hands did lots of work - from typing to modifying pictures, from tinkering with open-source software programs to writing javascript, from collating information from all types of sources to writing articles. That sure involved a lot of sweat & tears.

But, the outcome is worth the effort and the trouble, don't you agree?

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We are now 6450 pages thick and growing.

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