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     Getting Around - buses



An SBS Transit bus

Interior of an SBS Transit bus

     An efficient public transportation network offers taxis, buses, and the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system.

     You can easily get from one place to another by bus with a Transit-Link farecard, which can also be used on the MRT.


     S$0.80 to S$1.50* -    non-air conditioned buses

     S$0.90 to S$1.80*  -    air conditioned buses

     *prices updated in May 2008

     Free Travel for children up to 0.9 m in height and accompanied by a fare-paying passenger.

     Concessionary travel without Concession Card for children between 0.9 and 1.2m in height.

     Concessionary travel with Student Identification Pass for students who are 1.2m and above in height.

     Tertiary students have to pay the full adult fare if their concession cards are not affixed with valid stamps.

     Exact fare is required since there is no bus conductor. Check with the Bus Captain (driver) on the appropriate fare for your destination.

     Operating hours:

     From 6.00 am to midnight.

     SBS Transit Bus Guide - by road name

     SBS Transit Bus Guide - by landmark


     Tourist Day Ticket

     Priced at S$10, the Tourist Day Ticket allows you to take up to 12 rides a day regardless of distance travelled, on the MRT and on all basic fare bus services.

     You will need to inform the ticketing officer of the exact date you use the card as it is printed on the card and valid for that day only.  Tickets can be bought at any TransitLink Ticket Sales Office located in most Mass Rapid Transit Stations and bus interchanges up to seven days in advance.

     Lost & Found





1 to 2 cents increase in bus fares and no increase in rail fares

The PTC approved a 1 to 2 cent increase in adult EZ-Link fares for buses. Senior citizen concessionary EZ-Link bus fares, which are flat fares pegged to the lowest adult EZ-Link fare band will also increase by 2 cents...
There will be no increase to all rail fares, some EZLink adult bus fares, as well as cash fares for buses, child/student fares and the prices of monthly student/NS men concession passes...



Changes to Bus Lane Scheme from 1 April 2007



Existing Operation Hours

New Operation Hours

Mondays to Fridays

7.30am to 9.30am

7.30am to 9.30am
(No Change)  

4.30pm to 7.00pm

5.00pm to 8.00pm



7.30am to 9.30am

No Longer Applicable

11.30am to 2.00pm

Indicated by a continuous yellow line



Expanding our MRT Network


"Beyond this, the LTA is completing its feasibility studies for a new 33-station Downtown Line that will link the eastern and north western corridors to the Marina Bay.
"When the Downtown Line is up, residents in Bukit Panjang, Bukit Timah, Bedok Reservoir and Macpherson can take the train to see the bright lights of the Marina Bay Sands Integrated Resort...
"As part of our long-term planning for a future Singapore of 6.5 million population, we expect that we will need to at least double our current rail network of 138 km for a 50% increase in population. That means putting in the equivalent of at least 7 North-east Lines..."


     - PTC revises premium bus service scheme


Public transport operators to handle lost & found properties

"With effect from 1 January 2007, the public bus and taxi companies, namely, SBS Transit Ltd, SMRT Buses Ltd, Comfort Transportation Pte Ltd, Yellow-Top Cab Pte Ltd, CityCab Pte Ltd, SMRT Taxis Pte Ltd, Trans-Cab Services Pte Ltd, Smart Automobile Pte Ltd and Premier Taxis Pte Ltd, will handle all properties found in their vehicles and handle all reports on lost and found properties made by their customers and drivers..."




IBM to build smartcard e-payment infrastructure for MRT network

"The high-performance and high-speed backend infrastructure is expected to double the present capacity and will be capable of handling about 10 million financial transactions per day...

"The e-Symphony incorporates the Contactless E-Purse Application Standard (CEPAS) and will therefore allow multiple suppliers to issue the contactless smart cards, which are currently issued only by EZ-link. This could bring about competition among the suppliers and in turn reduce the cost of smart cards to benefit users..."


     - Bus and train fares to increase by between 1 and 3 cents

     - Singapore's first wheelchair-accessible buses launched


Singapore carries out first large-scale anti-terror drill

"Ever since September 11 and the arrest of the Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore, we have stepped up our security measures...

"Exercise Northstar V is the largest scale exercise we have conducted so far. We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions and a chemical agent release in 4 MRT stations and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities..."



2nd reading of Public Transport Council (Amendment) Bill 2005

"The 2 PTOs estimate that fare evasion on buses occurs on about 1.8% of passenger trips. Even though this figure may appear to be low, we should not condone fare evasion. Otherwise, the majority of commuters who pay the correct fares will be subsidizing the small minority who abuse concession passes, avoid paying or intentionally underpay fares.

"Hence, to provide greater deterrence against fare evasion, the PTC will be introducing a penalty fee of $20 for the underpayment and non-payment of fares; and $50 for the abuse of fare concessions..."


     - PTC approves tiered increase in bus & train fares

     - Smoking ban to cover more public places from 1 Oct 2005


EZ-Link is currently testing smart chips embedded in watches. The watches will save commuters the hassle of taking out their EZ-Link cards for use on card readers on MRT trains and buses. EZ-Link may extend the testing to the public by the end of 2003. More than 5.1 million Ez-Link cards have been issued since the EZ-Link system was launched in April 2002. However, about 3,050 out of 50,900 cards returned in June & July 2003 were damaged. (Straits Times 3 Sep 2003 4)



  Magnetic farecards will no longer be sold or revalued from 16 Nov 2002, Transitlink said yesterday. So far, it has refunded 3.3 million out of more than 8.7 million farecards in circulation before the contactless smart-card system was launched in April 2002. There are about 3.2 million ez-link cards in circulation now. Farecards which are issued, revalued or replaced on or after 1 Aug 2000 are valid for refund for up to four years from the date of issue or last revaluation. (Straits Times 15 Nov 2002) (H4)

  EZ-Link card readers on board 180 buses island-wide crashed yesterday morning, causing delays of between 15 minutes and an hour for commuters on some services. Some 120 SBS Transit and 60 Trans Island Bus Services (Tibs) buses were affected when corrupted data was downloaded into the ez-link system. (Straits Times 4 Oct 2002) (4) 

  From Tuesday, students and national servicemen can go to any TransitLink ticket office and pay to get their ex-link cards encoded with a train concession pass. Holders of such cards then need carry only one card for travel on the MRT or LRT. (Straits Times 28 Sep 2002) (H9)

  Transport Minister YEO Cheow Tong indicated yesterday that there was a "very high" possibility that the three transport executives in the Public Transport Council (PTC) will lose their seats on the panel which, among other things, approves bus fares. He said, "We need not really have them as members. They can still be there as resource people." Currently, three out of the 14-member PTC are top executives of Singapore Mass rapid Transport, SBS Transit and Trans-Island Bus Services. (Straits Times 15 Jul 2002) (3) 

  There will be no U-turn on the bus and train fare hikes. Transport Minister YEO Cheow Tong said in Parliament yesterday his ministry was satisfied that the fare rises were "reasonable and certainly not excessive". (Straits Times 11 Jul 2002) (1)

  Senior citizens can purchase an Interim Senior Citizen ez-link card for use on buses and train from Monday 1 Jul 2002, when fares go up. The interim card, costing S$13 (including a S$3 refundable deposit), can be bought at all all ticket offices in MRT stations and bus interchanges, said TransitLink on Thursday. With the card, they will pay up to two cents less for a journey during non-peak hours, compared to those using the existing magnetic cards. (Straits Times 29 Jun 2002) (H6) 

  Bus and MRT fares will go up by between three cents and 10 cents from July 2002. Public Transport Council (PTC) chairman Eric GWEE said that the council had satisfied itself that operating costs have increased significantly due to inflation and investments in service improvements, despite efforts by the operators to contain costs and improve productivity. For bus rides, adults will pay three cents more using EZ-Link card, five cents more using magnetic card and 10 cents more using cash. For MRT/LRT rides, they pay four cents more using Ez-Link card and five cents more using magnetic card. Monthly concessions for students and NSmen will go up by 50 cents for primary and secondary students, S$2 for tertiary students and S$3 for NSmen. (Straits Times 12 Jun 2002) (1)

  Singapore's first air-conditioned bus interchange opens in Toa Payoh on 19 May 2002

  Singapore's first fuel station offering compressed natural gas is up and ready for business. The S$2.6 million facility on Jurong Island is part of a joint pilot project by the Government and the private sector to run vehicles here using the fuel. The first bus here that will run on natural gas is SBS Transit Service 712. (Straits Times 23 Apr 2002) (4)

  Ez-Link card for bus & MRT travel debuts on 13 Apr 2002

  The ez-link fare card system has been given the go ahead to start on Saturday. The cards will be available at all TransitLink counters in MRT stations and bus interchanges from this weekend. For the first six months, the cards will cost S$13 each (S$10 fares, S$3 deposit). After that, they will cost S$15 (S$5 deposit). The existing magnetic fare cards can be used for at least six months after the new card's launch. (Straits Times 9 Apr 2002) (4)

  The public launch of a smart card for buses and the MRT, originally set for this week, has been put off after a computer bug forced the shutdown last week of a trial run on the system. Australian newspapers have also reported that ERG Systems, the firm charged with setting up the system, might go bust but the firm has denied this and pledged that it will be able to deliver as promised. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said yesterday it had pushed back the launch of the ez-link card service to Singapore's more than two million commuters to sometime next month. (Straits Times 28 Mar 2002) (1)

  The Comfort Group, Singapore's largest taxi operator, launched Comfort Bus - a new bus company - yesterday. Comfort Bus, with a fleet of more than 300 buses, provides private transpor, ferrying students and factory and office workers. It also runs charter services. But the company says it is ready to take on SBSTransit and Tibs. (Straits Times 3 Apr 2002) (4)

  The Ang Mo Kio bus interchange was closed yesterday to make way for redevelopment of the area. A new temporary interchange at Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, a five-minute walk away, now serves residents there. About 50,000 passengers go through the interchange each day. By 2006, an air-conditioned bus interchange will be built at the site of the 18-year old bus interchange. It will be the third here to be air-conditioned. The first one will be at Toa Payoh, which will be opened in May, and the other is the Sengkang Terminal, due to be completed by the end of the year. (Straits Times 25 Mar 2002) (H3)

  Commuters can start using the new ez-link smart cards for MRT and bus rides from the end of this month. A six-week trial in January involving 45,000 commuters went well. (Straits Times 6 Mar 2002) (H5) 


  Twelve night-bus services are to be withdrawn because of a lack of passengers after midnight. Trans-Island Bus Services (Tibs) will withdraw nine of its NightRider services - NR10 and NR15 through to NR22 - from Dec 3 onwards, leaving NR1 to NR3 and NR5 to NR8 to ply after midnight. SBS Transit will delete Night Owl services 36M, 143M and 147M from Dec 7, but will add another three - 16M, 162M and 181M. It will also extend three services - 65M, 89M (formerly 85M) and 174M - to cover more areas. (Straits Times 230 Nov 2001)(H14)

  Singapore Bus Services (SBS) has been renamed SBS Transit to reflect its multi-modal operations. Come next year, SBS Transit's North-East MRT Line and Sengkang LRT will be ready for passenger service. (The Straits Times 29 Nov 2001)(H7,H8)

  SMRT Corp has offered S$194 million to buy Tibs Holdings in a bid to create Singapore's first "multi-modal" transporation giant - spanning trains, buses and taxis. SMRT yesterday offered to pay S$1.405 cash for every Tibs share.(Straits Times 10 Jul 2001)(1)

  A new expanded issue of Mighty Minds' street directory has come out. Its 2001 edition, priced at S$9.90, is now available at NTUC Fairprice, Popular Bookstore, Kinokuniya, Caltex petrol stations and newsstands. It competes directly with Singapore Street Directory.

  The Public Transport Council (PTC) has given the green light for adult fares on feeder bus services to rise by 10 cents. From July 2001, trips on feeder buses will cost between 55 and 70 cents. But, passengers who subsequently hop onto MRT or trunk services will get a larger transfer rebate - 25 cents instead of the present 15 cents - on their farecards, to offset the fare hike. The PTC said it approved these fare hikes as part of its efforts to bring feeder bus fares in line with the minimum fare on trunk services. The latest price hike will hit an estimated 140,000 passengers, or 6.4% of the total 4.4 million trips that commuters make on the buses and MRT trains each day. (Straits Times 6 Jun 2001)

  The NTUC and the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) have expressed their concern over proposed fare hikes by bus and train operators. Fares were raised in June last year. Then, bus, MRT and LRT fares went up by between five and 20 cents, or between 1.5 and 2.5%. The Public Transport Council confirmed recently that it was deliberating on bus and train operators' applications for fare revisions. (Straits Times 31 May 2001)

  Nightbirds can now take three new TIBS NightRider bus services, which were launched on 11 May 2001. NR15 will ply between Tampines and Changi Village, serving those travelling from NTUC DownTown East to Changi Village and back. Nanyang Technological University hostelites can take NR17, which will take them to Choa Chu Kang via Bukit Batok and Jurong and back. The third service, NR21, will take commuters from Bedok to Toa Payoh after travelling through a few towns. Fares remain at S$3. TIBS now operates 14 NightRider services. (Straits Times 12 May 2001)


From 1 June 2000, commuters on Singapore Bus Services (SBS) feeder buses have to pay up to 10 cents more. SBS said in a statement on 31 May 2000 that adult fares would rise by 10 cents and those for children and students by five cents.

Bus, MRT & LRT fares went up between 5 and 20 cents in June 2000. Public transport fares have not gone up since 1997.

     Fares on CSS buses go up from 1 Jul 2000

     Fares on City Shuttle Service (CSS) buses go up across the board from 1 Jul 2000. Fares for adults, senior , children and students will rise by five cents, with the last three groups paying a falt rate regardless of the distance travelled. The company runs service Nos. 602, 603, 605, 607 & 608.

     SBS announces new Nite Owl Services

     Revellers who stay past midnight in town during the weekend now have more buses to take them home as Singapore Bus Services (SBS) has launched its Nite Owl services. The weekend services commenced on 26 Jun 2000. Click NightOwl for more information.

     NightRider Bus Service (For night transportation in town)

     Starting 26 May 2000, you can catch Trans Island NIGHTRIDER air-conditioned bus service which operates between 11.30 pm and 4.30 am on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays. This service covers an extensive ONE-WAY route of 71 stops between the night activity areas in the city and the northern part of Singapore. For an introductory fare of S$3, it's one of the most economical modes of night transportation in town.

     NightRider NR1 Route at a glance: Suntec City - Boat Quay - Clarke Quay - River Valley Road (near Mohd Sultan Road) - Scotts Road - Toa Payoh - Bishan - Ang Mo Kio - Yishun. Click NightRider for more information.


     Tourists who need help can visit the Singapore Tourism Board's website at or contact them at the following address:

     Tourism Court, 1 Orchard Spring Lane. Singapore 247729 Tel: (65) 6736 6622.