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    World War II

      An Important Message

SingaporeWW2 E-mail Group

  It's been 55 years since World War 2 ended. A generation of soldiers and civilians who fought or grew up in that traumatic era has grown old. These survivors of that horrendous war are now in their seventies or even older.

  It's been a blessing that these people have come so far, and are still around to help us remember the past - a past which I hope my generation (I was born after the war) - as well as future generations of people, will never get to live through at all.

  All those who have lived through that harsh reality, no doubt, have plenty to tell us. Time is not on their side, for no matter what manner of man they are, they will still leave this world, just as we will, in time to come. Many of the war survivors have written books on their experiences. A great many are still writing. 

  Some of the writers have e-mailed seeking information on World War 2. We have tried our level best to accommodate their requests, and in doing so, we have also picked up a little of the history of Singapore during World Wwar 2. But we feel we ought to do more. Therefore, we have started an e-mail group for all like-minded people - who are interested in the happenings of World War 2 - to mingle and share information.

  The war veterans owe it to posterity to leave behind their legacy - our children and their children need to know what happened during World War 2. And the future generations need to understand that mankind must never go through such a calamity again, for in war there is no winner - everyone suffers whether immediately or later.

  We hope the war veterans, as well as those who lived through that period, will come in and pen whatever thrills their minds. We hope they will leave a part of themselves in our logs, for the benefit of future visitors to this website. War veterans, I repeat - you owe it to posterity to leave behind a record of World War 2, as seen through your eyes.

  To visit the e-mail group, click SingaporeWW2. This e-mail group is also accessible at under Singapore - Society & Culture - History.