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     Places -  National Theatre


The National Theatre, in Clemenceau Avenue, was built by the architect Alfred Wong and Partners(2) in 1963. It had a capacity of 3,420 seats. Its demolition was carried out in June-August 1986.(3)

It was one of the great symbols of nationhood of the 1960s celebrating the emerging independent Singapore. The money for its construction was collected by public subscription and the building was given a revolutionary new design.

The great cantilevered roof and the auditorium open to the air signified the freedom and collectiveness of the nation. At the beginning of 1984, a new era in the development of the community was reached when the National Theatre was condemned on structural grounds and on the ground that it had outgrown its usefulness. Certainly it had become too hot for audiences now accustomed to air-conditioning, and traffic noise had been effectively excluded, a disturbing distraction from the performances being held there.(1)

The National Day Rally was held here from 1966 to 1982. It was delivered by Mr LEE Kuan Yew who was Prime Minister then.(4)


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