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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 31 March 2007

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New Maritime Command and Control Centre in Changi

Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean looking at the model of the Changi Command and Control Centre to be ready in 2009


New Maritime Command and Control Centre at Changi

Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean officiated the ground-breaking ceremony for the Changi Command and Control (C2) Centre today (27 Mar 2007).
The new centre, built next to Changi Naval Base, will house the Singapore Maritime Security Centre (SMSC), an Information Fusion Centre (IFC) and a Multinational Operations and Exercise Centre (MOEC).
The Changi C2 Centre will advance multi-agency co-operation and inter-operability amongst national maritime agencies, to enhance Singapore's maritime security capabilities.
The Centre will also enable international co-operation and inter-operability between countries to promote maritime security in the region.
The SMSC will bring together elements from key domestic maritime agencies such as the Republic of Singapore Navy, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the Police Coast Guard under one roof.
The IFC is intended to facilitate proactive sharing and fusion of information to enable analysis, planning and co-ordination of maritime responses in a more collaborative and networked manner. It will house the necessary computer networks to fuse, analyse and disseminate information shared by participating militaries and agencies.
The MOEC will be able to support the planning and conduct of bilateral and multilateral exercises or operations.
It can enhance the conduct of multilateral exercises, such as Five Power Defence Arrangements (FPDA) exercises, and function as a Maritime Security Centre for the conduct of regional maritime security operations, or as a regional Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Centre should the need arise.
The Changi C2 Centre is expected to become operational in 2009. It will provide a useful platform for nations to cooperate and respond more flexibly and effectively to a dynamic maritime security environment.
Factsheet: Changi Command and Control Centre
The Changi Command and Control Centre (Changi C2 Centre) is located beside Changi Naval Base in East Changi on 1.7 hectares of land (about the size of three football fields).
Key Features of Changi C2 Centre
The Changi C2 Centre is a double-storey building that will house three functional Centres, namely, the Singapore Maritime Security Centre (SMSC), the Information Fusion Centre (IFC) and the Multinational Operations and Exercises Centre (MOEC).
The RSN's Coastal Command (COSCOM) headquarters and elements from the Maritime Port Authority and the Police Coast Guard will make up the SMSC. The SMSC will plan its maritime security operations from a common room known as the Inter-Agency Co-ordination Centre in the event of maritime incidents or crises. The SMSC will occupy the first level of the building.
The IFC is a centre where maritime information is collated and shared between international security partners to enhance awareness of the maritime security situation.
The MOEC is a centre for the planning and conduct of multinational operations or exercises. For example, the MOEC can be used to host exercises conducted by the Five Power Defence Arrangements and the Western Pacific Naval Symposium.
Should the need arise, the MOEC can also be used to facilitate international cooperation in maritime security, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. The MOEC also includes an open area, equivalent to the size of about two football fields, to provide additional capacity to meet increased demands.
Ground Breaking Ceremony
A ground-breaking ceremony officiated by Minister for Defence Teo Chee Hean and attended by members of ACCORD and the Maritime Security Committee was held on 27 Mar 07.

Source: News Release 27 Mar 2007

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