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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 12 January 2007

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Two students to be charged in court for misuse of sparklers


Two to be charged for misuse of sparklers

Two male students aged 17 will be charged in court today for building and setting off improvised explosive devices built using sparklers.
They are the first persons to be charged for such an offence.
At about 12.55pm on 27 Aug 2006, an explosion accompanied by white smoke was reported at the open field along Woodgrove Ave off Woodlands Ave 1. Two metal pipes and some residue, which subsequent forensic examination revealed to be ingredients used in sparklers, were found at scene.
Police investigations led to the arrest of both teenagers the next day. Materials such as sparkler sticks that were used to build the explosive devices were seized from both of their homes.
In a separate case on 17 Dec 2006, two youths aged 15 and 16 were believed to have set off a bundle of 72 sparklers that were taped together at Blk 339 Woodlands Ave 1. They are currently assisting police with investigations.
In 2006, a total of 32 cases of explosive-related incidents involving sparklers sticks or powder were reported.
In the current security climate, the Police take a serious view of persons setting off improvised explosive devices constructed using sparklers. Such actions may cause unnecessary alarm as well as tie up responding resources, which are required to deal with real incidents.
Improper use of sparklers may also result in injuries to persons and damage to property. The importation and sale of sparklers are legal in Singapore; however, the use of sparklers should be done in a responsible manner according to the safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
Police would like to remind the public that it is an offence for anyone to use sparklers to construct an explosive device.
Anyone caught doing this may be prosecuted in Court for either an offence of negligent conduct with respect to any fire or combustible matter under section 285 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224 or negligent conduct with respect to any explosive substance under section 286 of the Penal Code, Chapter 224.
If convicted for either offence, the offender will be liable to an imprisonment term which may extend to six months, or fined up to S$1000, or with both.
08 January 2007 @8.30am

Source: Media Release 8 Jan 2007

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