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     Changes to Medisave and MediShield in 2007

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Medisave can now be used for outpatient treatment of three additional chronic diseases

From 1 Jan 2007, the Medisave for Chronic Disease Management Programme (CDMP) will be extended to three additional diseases - high blood pressure, lipid disorder and stroke.  This will help such patients pay for the out-patient treatment of their chronic conditions at participating clinics. The use of Medisave for Chronic Diseases first started on 1 October 2006 with diabetes and implementation has been smooth.

To date, Medisave claims for outpatient treatments have reached 22,000 episodes, with about $2 million withdrawn from Medisave.  (In November, there were 8,000 claims and $750,000 Medisave utilised). We expect the utilisation of Medisave to increase as the scheme gains familiarity with patients and providers.  On average, these patients have used their Medisave to pay for about 60% of their medical treatment costs.

The General Practitioners (GPs) play an important part in CDMP. To date, 700 GP clinics and GP groups have signed up. This is half of the 1,400 GP clinics in Singapore. We will continue to engage the GP community and encourage more to participate in the Programme, so that their patients can also benefit.

The four chronic diseases included under Programme affect about 1 million Singaporeans. Through CDMP, the Ministry aims to increase the level of care of these diseases through the promotion and extensive use of systematic, evidence-based chronic disease management programmes. The use of Medisave will help to reduce out-of-pocket cash payments for outpatient bills, making them more affordable to patients.

Under this Programme, patients are encouraged to work with their doctors, particularly their Family Physicians, to actively manage their diseases, through regular monitoring, appropriate medical treatment and lifestyle changes. They will be given patient education folders, which will include background information on chronic diseases, patient booklets for recording of vital clinical indicators to aid self-monitoring, and answers to frequently asked questions. With a more proactive approach to the management of these chronic diseases, complications can be avoided or delayed for many years.  

To help patients and their family members keep track of the amount of Medisave used under this Programme, CPF Board has created a separate account summary for the CDMP. They can log on to the CPF website ( with their SingPass to view the statement. Alternatively, participating clinics can check the Medisave balances under the CDMP on behalf of their patients upon request. Participating clinics can be identified by the orange-coloured CDMP decal (sticker). Patients can also check for participating GP clinics near their homes by logging on to the HPB website at

The CDMP is a national effort to change the way we manage chronic diseases from episodic care to a life-long holistic care. Good management of chronic diseases can help to lower healthcare costs in the long-run for patients.

For more information on the Programme, the public can refer to the HPB website ( or call the HPB hotline at 1800-223 1313.

Source: Press Release 2 Jan 2007