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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 8 January 2007

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Synthetic fields for eligible schools



Physical Education, sports and games are integral to the holistic, well-rounded education that our schools provide.
To further support a holistic education for our students, eligible schools will have the option of installing a synthetic field, in place of their natural field. MOE will phase this in progressively, starting from early 2007.
The synthetic field will give schools greater flexibility to schedule Physical Education lessons, and field sports and games without having to worry about over-use affecting the condition of the field. As a result, students will benefit from having more opportunities to take part in outdoor field activities.
With the synthetic field, there will be an approximately two-fold increase in field usage, and up to one-and-a-half times more field users per week.
Compared to natural turf, the synthetic field is able to withstand longer hours of activities, and requires considerably less frequent maintenance.
Synthetic turf also takes less time to be ready for use after wet weather and costs less to maintain. This will enable schools with heavy field usage and niche field sports to schedule more outdoor field activities and develop competitive field sports. With the synthetic field, schools will also have more opportunity to promote mass sports participation.
Estimated to cost approximately $40 million, the project will be implemented in phases over a period of 3 to 5 years.
The first batch of about 15 to 25 schools that meet the eligibility criterion for the school field utilisation rate will be invited to submit their applications in 2007.
About 80 schools are eligible for the implementation of the synthetic turf system. The eligibility criterion will be reviewed and the option opened up to more schools in future if there is positive feedback and a strong demand for the synthetic field.
The opening up of synthetic fields to the community will also promote opportunities for community sports participation.
MOE will work with the relevant agencies on the possibility of sharing the synthetic field with the community after school hours on weekdays and during weekends.

Source: Press Release 29 Dec 2006

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