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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 25 September 2006

School Achievements in 2006


School Achievements in 2006

Outstanding Development Award for Character Development given out for the first time to 13 schools

The MOE Masterplan of Awards recognises our schools¡¯ efforts in providing a holistic education to enable all our students to achieve the Desired Outcomes of Education.
It provides milestone checks to guide schools in their journey towards excellence. Parents and students can also refer to the information to help them make decisions when selecting schools.
This year, 13 schools will be given the Outstanding Development Award for Character Development [ODA(CD)] for the first time.
The award gives recognition to schools with comprehensive and effective character development efforts. It is positioned under the domain of ¡®Character Development¡¯ in the Masterplan of Awards. The list of winners can be found in paragraph 23. More Information on the award can also be found in Annex E.
This press release provides information on the following:
  1. Award Winners under the Masterplan of Awards1. These comprise schools that have attained commendable achievements in various categories, including exemplary school processes as well as excellent outcomes in academic and non-academic areas.
  2. School Achievement Tables. Introduced in 2004 to replace the school ranking tables, they highlight school achievements in academic value-added and non-academic domains. Other sources of information on school performance include Honour Rolls2 and School Information Service3.
(A) Masterplan of Awards
The MOE Masterplan of Awards (MoA) was expanded and refined in 2004 to provide a broader and more holistic picture of schools¡¯ performance. It comprises seven types of awards over four levels, as shown below.
This year, a total of 170 schools5 won 288 Level Two Awards and Special Awards under the MOE Masterplan of Awards. Of the 170 schools, two schools have been awarded the School Excellence Award (SEA), the pinnacle award for educational excellence.
These schools have distinguished themselves in having achieved overall systemic excellence in providing holistic education. In addition, another four schools have won the School Distinction Award (SDA).
All winners will receive their awards at the 2006 MOE Workplan Seminar on 28 September 2006.
School Excellence Award (SEA)
The School Excellence Award (SEA) recognises schools for their excellence in both education processes and outcomes. It is the highest and most prestigious award in the MoA framework.
This year, two schools will be presented with the SEA trophy. They are:
  1. Cedar Girls¡¯ Secondary School; and
  2. Raffles Girls¡¯ School (Secondary).
School Distinction Award (SDA)
The School Distinction Award (SDA) recognises high achieving schools with exemplary school processes and practices, and that are on their way to achieving the SEA.
This year, one primary school, one secondary school, one full school and one junior college will be presented with the SDA trophy. They are:
  1. Gongshang Primary School;
  2. Fairfield Methodist Secondary School;
  3. Methodist Girls¡¯ School; and
  4. Anderson Junior College
1The MOE Masterplan of Awards was instituted in 1998 as part of the implementation of the School Excellence Model (SEM). The SEM is a framework for school assessment that emphasises a holistic approach to education with equal focus on processes and outcomes.

2Please see para 26 for more info.

3As above.

4Achievement Awards in the categories of Aesthetics, Sports and Uniformed Group refer to the awards won at the various national level competitions such as the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging, National Schools Championships and Best Unit Competitions.

5The number of schools includes SAA, ODA, BPA, SDA and SEA awardees.

Source: Press Release 24 Sep 2006

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