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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 23 June 2006

Registration exercise for admission to Primary One in 2007


The registration of children for admission to Primary One classes in 2007 will be held between Tuesday, 4 July 2006, to Tuesday, 29 August 2006. The dates for the different phases of registration are given at Annex A.
All primary and full schools will be open for registration from 8.00am to 11.00am and from 2.30pm to 4.30pm on Monday to Friday during the registration period.
The list of primary schools and the places available is at Annex B.
Larger Cohort Registering for Primary One
The demand for primary one places this year is expected to be 9% higher than last year¡¯s as this is a ¡°Dragon Year¡± cohort. MOE will open more classes to cater to this increase in demand. There will be sufficient school places for all eligible Primary One students on a regional and nationwide basis.
Compulsory Education
Under the Compulsory Education Act, Singapore Citizens born after 1 January 1996 and residing in Singapore are required to attend national primary schools regularly.
Thus, a child born between 2 January 2000 and 1 January 2001 has to be registered at the 2006 Primary One Registration Exercise for admission to Primary One in January 2007.
Children born between 2 January 1998 and 1 January 2000 (both dates inclusive), who have not previously been registered for Primary One classes, may also be registered for admission to school in 2007.
If a child is assessed as being not ready or suitable for Primary One on medical grounds, a parent may seek approval from the Compulsory Education Unit for deferment of registration.
Application can be made using the relevant form available on MOE¡¯s website ( or at the MOE Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive (Tel: 6872-2220).
Any queries on Compulsory Education may be directed to MOE¡¯s Compulsory Education Unit at Email: or Fax: (65)- 67789356.
Registration Procedures
Parents registering their children under Phase 1 may submit the registration form and relevant documents (see Para 14) through the older sibling who will be given the form by the school.
For registration under Phase 2A(1) to Phase 2C Supplementary, a parent or a person authorized by the parent in writing is to submit the registration form and relevant documents at the school of choice. Each child should be registered at only one school at any one time. If the child is registered at more than one school, he may lose his place in the school of choice.
Allocation of Places
Places in the school will be allocated according to the order of priority spelt out in the Registration Scheme at Annex A. There will be balloting amongst the applicants if the number of applications to a school exceeds the number of places available in any of the phases from Phase 2A(1) to Phase 2C Supplementary.
The remaining places in each school at the end of Phase 2A(2) will be allocated equally to Phase 2B and Phase 2C. If the number of qualifying applicants in Phase 2B exceeds the places available, the outcome will be determined first by proximity category of residence to the school and then by ballot. Any places not taken up during Phase 2B will be added to the places allocated for Phase 2C.
MOE will post children who are unsuccessful in obtaining a Primary One place in a school of their choice at the end of Phase 2C Supplementary to schools near their homes that still have vacancies.
The number of P1 places each school will offer for the 2006 P1 Registration Exercise can be found at
Announcement on Balloting and Vacancies
Parents can find out which schools will be conducting balloting via Teletext (Channel 8, page 720) or through the Internet ( at the end of each registration phase. Parents are welcome to witness the balloting. The number of applicants for each school is updated daily on the Internet and Teletext.
Other Information
Parents can find out more about the documents required for registration and statutory declaration for registration using address of foster parents via Teletext (Channel 8, page 720) or through the Internet (
Annex C gives a list of registration centres for new, relocated and merging schools.
Information booklets on the 2006 Primary One Registration Exercise have been distributed to kindergartens and childcare centres. The booklets are also available at the MOE Customer Service Centre.
22 June 2006
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Source: Press Release 22 Jun 2006

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