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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 11 Jan 2006

Singapore carries out first large-scale anti-terror drill


Comments of DPM and Minister for Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng at Exercise Northstar V at Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, 8 January 2006

Ever since September 11 and the arrest of the Jemaah Islamiyah members in Singapore, we have stepped up our security measures.
The train bombings in Madrid in March 2004, and London in July last year, can happen to us.
We have been holding regular exercises for some time since then. But those were on a smaller scale, e.g. a bomb explosion or release of chemical agents in a location such as an MRT station or the business district or the checkpoint.
Exercise Northstar V is the largest scale exercise we have conducted so far. We simulated a scenario with multiple bomb explosions and a chemical agent release in 4 MRT stations and 1 bus interchange, to stretch ourselves and test our capabilities.
The focus of the exercise today (8 Jan 2006) is to test our men in uniform and 20 other agencies. We will learn from this exercise, and refine our plans and operations.
We must be prepared to handle a bombing incident if and when it happens. More importantly, we must be well prepared to deal with its aftermath as well. By preparing beforehand, it will help us to recover quickly and hold together as one people, even in the most trying of times.
Should such a bombing happen in Singapore, we must not be cowed. We must stay united and stand up to the terrorists as one people.
We are planning to hold more exercises from now. Not all exercises involve the public as some are to test the agencies¨ own operational procedures and responses. But there will be others like the Exercise Northstar V held this morning which will involve the public.
Singaporeans should think about what to do to protect themselves and their families. Taking ownership to learn the drills, and knowing what to do in an emergency is one of the best forms of protection.
For example, they can take part in exercises such as the Emergency Preparedness Days organized by the constituencies. The residents of Pasir Ris, for instance, have exercised the scenario of a bomb incident and chemical attack in a shopping mall in Pasir Ris last year.
All Singaporeans have an important role to play in countering the terrorist threat. For example, they can help by reporting suspicious activities. We receive an average of 10 calls daily from the public reporting on suspicious items, sightings or activities. We take all these reports seriously. A terrorist attack could well be foiled by an alert member of the public.
As our terrorist analysts tell us, it is not governments that win the war against terrorists. It is the people.
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Source: Press Release 8 Jan 2006

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