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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 7 Jan 2006

Christmas & New Year revellers molested in Orchard Road


Molest in Crowded Places
Police are aware of molest cases that occurred at crowded places over the eves of Christmas and New Year.
Over these two periods, a total of 11 cases of molest was reported to have taken place at the Orchard Road vicinity. In 8 of these cases, the suspect was apprehended soon after committing the act.
Most of these molest cases happened in crowded areas where the suspect would touch the victim and move away. In some, the suspect would spray foam onto the victim and commit molest in the process.
With the upcoming public holidays, Police would like to advise the public who may be out enjoying the festivities in crowded areas to be wary of some in their midst who would seize this opportunity to commit molest. They can minimise opportunities for criminals to commit molest by following these tips:
- Be wary of strangers who approach you in crowded areas
- Stay close to your friends or move around in groups when in crowded places
- Avoid contact with unruly crowds
Victims should approach police officers who are deployed on the ground for assistance immediately. Alternatively, they can call Police or make a report at the nearest Police station.
Members of the public are also reminded to be considerate to others in their midst and avoid doing anything which may cause annoyance or compromise the safety of fellow merry-makers and motorists. The public may approach officers for assistance or report trouble makers.
4 January 2006 @ 9.30 pm

Source: Media Release 4 Jan 2006

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