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New 10 VEP-free Days Scheme & Shorter VEP Operating Hours


Joint Media Release by STB & LTA

New Ten VEP-Free Days Scheme And Shorter VEP Operating Hours

As part of our on-going efforts to make it easier for visitors coming to Singapore by road, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be introducing the following initiatives:
  1. A new 10 Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP)-free days scheme from 1 June 2005; and
  2. Shortening of the VEP operating hours to end at 12.00 noon on weekdays for the upcoming June school
    holidays, from 30 May to 24 June 2005.
Under the 10 VEP-free days scheme, drivers of foreign-registered cars and motorcycles can drive into Singapore without paying VEP fees for a maximum of 10 VEP-payable days in a calendar year.
In conjunction with the upcoming June school holidays, VEP operating hours on weekdays will also be shortened to end at 12.00 noon, instead of 5.00 pm. In addition, the shorter VEP operating hours will apply for subsequent June and December school holiday periods in Singapore.
LTA¡¯s Chief Executive, BG (NS) Yam Ah Mee said, ¡°The shortening of the VEP operating hours to end at 5.00 pm on weekdays since February this year has not caused any significant impact to traffic on the major expressways and roads near the checkpoints and within the Central Business District. There was also not much impact on traffic conditions on our roads when the VEP operating hours ended earlier at 12.00 noon on weekdays during the last December school holidays. We are therefore supporting STB¡¯s efforts to bring even more Malaysian visitors to Singapore in the coming years ahead with the introduction of 10 VEP-free days and the shortening of VEP operating hours to end earlier at 12.00 noon for the coming June holidays.¡±
VEP fees for the subsequent days are still chargeable if motorists continue to use or drive their foreign-registered vehicles in Singapore during the VEP operating hours, after they have fully utilised the 10 VEP-free days within the same calendar year.
The normal toll charges for foreign-registered vehicles1 will still apply.
STB¡¯s Deputy Chairman & Chief Executive, Mr Lim Neo Chian said, ¡°Our visitors, especially our Malaysian friends, will now find it easier to drive into Singapore on weekdays with the introduction of the 10 VEP-free days and extension of the VEP-free hours. This June, besides a multitude of activities and fantastic offerings at our Great Singapore Sale, Singapore will also celebrate the 600th anniversary of the maiden voyage of the legendary 15th Century Chinese explorer, Admiral Zheng He. Among the key highlights of this three-month celebration is a first ever blockbuster showcase of Gavin Menzies¡¯ bestseller ¡®1421 ¨C The Year China Discovered the World¡¯. We welcome our visitors to share Admiral Zheng He¡¯s explorations with us.¡±
About the VEP scheme
The VEP Scheme was introduced in 1973 to regulate the entry of foreign-registered cars into Singapore. This scheme was eventually extended to foreign-registered motorcycles in 1992.
Foreign-registered cars and motorcycles are currently allowed free entry into Singapore on weekdays from 5.00 pm to 2.00 am the following day, and all day on Saturdays, Sundays and Singapore Public Holidays. The existing VEP fee is S$20 per day for cars and S$4 per day for motorcycles.
1 Toll charges are calculated on a per trip basis. Motorists have to pay toll charges on arrival and departure from the Tuas Checkpoint (S$3.20 for cars and S$0.50 for motorcycles) but only on departure from the Woodlands Checkpoint (S$1.20 for cars only).

Source: Singapore Tourism Board Press Release 19 May 2005



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