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Singapore Memories - leave a part of your past

Singapore Memories is a brand new section on Getforme - Singapore on the Web. We would love you to participate in it, for it's all about leaving a part of yourself...your past here for posterity.
In Singapore Memories, we seek to record Singaporeans' personal experiences of the people, places and things around them as they grow up or grow old amidst them.
We have provided the following categories:
- World War II
- Post World War II
- 1950s
- 1960s
- 1970s
- 1980s
- 1990s
- 2000s
You can contribute by registering online as a member in the section itself, and then contributing your experiences in any of the aforementioned categories.
For instance, you could write about the Singapore Swing parties of the 1980s. Remember the huge street parties in Orchard Road? Were you, perhaps, one of the teenagers who were there amongst the others in the crowd, jostling your way through or joining the train of impromptu dancers snaking through the open mall? We want you to share with us and posterity that experience as you recall it.
Why are we doing this? We wish to leave an electronic record of everyday Singapore history for future generations and we thought we should start Singapore Memories today.
The whole idea may or may not work. But, we have got to try, for the benefit of generations of Singaporeans born today or in the future. These chaps have got to know how their parents or grandparents lived life here in Singapore in the different eras.
It may take a year or even five years for people to warm up to this idea of leaving a record of some of their personal experiences for the public to read, but, we will persevere, for the end is worth the wait and the effort. It's something money cannot buy.
So if you wish to share a personal experience with us and the public, visit Singapore Memories and start blogging away.
Singapore Memories is at:


If you have an event or some news to share with our readers, send the details, including picture(s), to us at 


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