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The Time Travel Show presented by Act 3 Int'l


Is your youngster constantly glued to their gadgets and gizmos? Canít tear him or her away from his gameboy and playstation?

If you are pulling your hair out trying to get your children off the square box, why not entice them to try another kind of box instead?

The best thing about this box is that whatever your child Ďfindsí inside actually comes from within him. Intrigued?

Fast forward to the future where humans have become so taken with the technological age that they have somehow misplaced their imaginations!  Most fortuitously, a magic box is discovered.  But the children canít Ďseeí whatís inside because it is bottomless. Curious, they start imagining what could be in it and thatís when the real magic begins to work!

ACT 3 Drama Academy invites children between three and 14 years to join its June Holiday Workshops where they will dedicate five days to developing their own stage version of THE TIME TRAVEL SHOW

On the sixth day, the children will enjoy an extraordinary opportunity to PERFORM for their parents and friends and take the audience on an adventure beyond the box!

Mrs Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director, says: ďItís going to be very exciting. Parents will certainly be looking forward to watching a show created almost entirely by their own children.

But the real benefit is all the work that has gone on before the curtain goes up. Whatís important is the process of engaging our young in something that will stimulate their minds and encourage creative expression.

The children will have lots of fun brainstorming and sharing their original ideas, discussing which ones would work and consolidating them to create a good story for performing.  We hope that parents will see from this experience that drama is not just about acting. Many essential social and interactive skills like teamwork, taking turns, and being supportive of one another will go towards building character and confidence in the individual.

Itís always nice to see how the less bold ones come out of their shell!Ē

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