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     Local Talents - Drama/Play/Theatre


       CHAY Yew - Playwright

       KUO Pao Kun - Playwright  (deceased)

       LI Lien Fung - Playwright

       Eleanor WONG - Playwright



       Max Le Blond - Actor/Director

       Chandran Lingam - Director

       Glen GOEI -  Actor/Director

       Lim Siauw Chong - Director



       Margaret CHAN - Actress/Critic

       T. Sasitharan - Critic



      Felix CHEONG - poet  (Young Artist Award 2000)



       R. Chandran - Actor/Co-Founder Act 3

        HO Kah Wai - Puppeteer

        Jo KWEK  -  Performer/Puppeteer

      LEE Sze Yau - Chinese opera artiste  (Young Artist Award 2000)  

       LEE Wai Ying  -  Performer/Puppeteer

       LIM Kay Tong - Actor

       LIM Kay Siu - Actor

       Lydia LOOK  -  Actor

       ONG Kian Sin  -  Puppeteer

       Ruby LIM-YANG - Actor/Co-Founder Act 3

       Jasmin Samat - Actor/Co-Founder Act 3

       TAN Beng Tian - Puppeteer


     Websites is the website of the Association of Singapore Actors - the first and only association for actors here. Its main objective is developing and maintaining professional standards and upholding the integrity of the actors in the community.


       If you know of any local talent and perhaps have some information to share with us, we would be delighted to read it and post it on our Local Talents pages. E-mail us at . We need your help to make this section come alive!



  Well-known Singaporean composer-singer Seong Koon Low Won died of a heart attack last Saturday at the age of 79. He penned no fewer than 300 songs in Cantonese and one of his compositions, Walk Faster, a Cantonese number sung to the tune of The Beatles' Can't Buy Me Love and written in 1965 was a hit among Chinese communities worldwide. (Straits Times 26 Jun 2001)