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Police reject Snowball.04 application

...The Police recognise that there are some Singaporeans with gay tendencies. While Police do not discriminate against them on this basis, the Police also recognise that Singapore is still, by and large, a conservative and traditional society.
Hence, the Police cannot approve any application for an event which goes against the moral values of a large majority of Singaporeans...

     - Recent rape & molestation cases in Singapore

     - Armed police patrols in public places since 1 Nov 2004

     - Enhanced safety requirements for motorised bicycles & riders

     - DNA Database launched in Singapore

     - Knife-wielding man attacking police officers shot in arm

     - National Service (NS) cut to 2 years from Dec 2004 batch

     - Home Detention Scheme to be expanded

     - Three fugitives on Pulau Tekong captured






The year 2000 saw a 14.7% fall in crime when compared to 1999. The total number of seizable offences 1 dropped to 30,694 cases from the 35,982 cases recorded in 1999. The crime rate per 100,000 total population similarly fell from 924 cases in 1999 to 764 cases in 2000.

2. Theft-related offences2 accounted for 60.2% of the total seizable offences. Offences in this category dropped by 14.8% C 18,465 in 2000 compared to 21,664 in 1999.

3.Of the nine index crimes, eight fell when compared to those of 1999. Property offences such as housebreaking, robbery, motor vehicle theft and snatch theft fell significantly by between 14% and 36%. Offences such as murder, cheating related offences, outraging of modesty and rape also declined. Only the offence of rioting - or fighting involving five or more persons - recorded a slight increase of 4.1% over that of 1999, after having plunged 33.2% in 1999 when compared to 1998. The comparative details are in the Annex.

1.Total seizable offences are based on reports of crimes, which eventually, may or may not be substantiated. They exclude Immigration Act Offences handled by the Police.

2.Theft-related offences include motor-vehicle theft, bicycle theft, snatch theft, shoplifting etc.

Source: Singapore Police Force