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News, Articles & Reports



NUS Corporatisation Bill

"The new legislation aims to safeguard the Government¨s strategic interest in the university sector and yet, give the universities the autonomy to be nimble and responsive to the dynamic landscape...

"The NUS Bill also provides the legislative provisions to transfer NUS¨ property, rights and liabilities to the successor university company, and will repeal the existing NUS Act which establishes NUS as a statutory board..."




Prevention of child abuse and neglect in Singapore

"Over the last 5 years, my Ministry investigated an average of 188 complaints of alleged child abuse each year. Only in 40% of cases did our investigations reveal real evidence of abuse.
"Granted, the number of cases with evidence of abuse increased by about one and a half times from 61 in 2000 to 90 in 2004. This is due largely to greater awareness among those who have regular contact with children and who reported the incidents to the authorities for intervention..."


     - Singapore Tourism Board launches 'Unique2Me' Photo Contest

     - Creative Industries in Singapore over the years



     - Five HIV-positive blood donors prosecuted

     - Foreigners to get no subsidy at polyclinics from 2006


Recovery of the Property Market

"The property market recovery is not confined to the private housing sector. All the other sectors of the property market are recovering in tandem with the strong growth of our economy...

"In 2006, Singapore¨s GDP is projected to grow by another 3% to 5%. Robust growth in the manufacturing, tourism and financial sectors, and the diversification of our economy into new areas like the life sciences, education and health, are helping to drive growth in our economy..."





     - NUS School of Computing holds int'l multimedia conference

     - Emergence of New Poor a worrying trend


Survey shows some companies infringing software copyright law

"...a recent survey highlighted that for small medium enterprises, nearly a third of them are still not fully compliant in the proper usage of software products in their business environment. This could be as a result of the use of illegal software or under-licensing the use of software products...
"The survey also found that among those who were non-compliant, a significant number were smaller companies, averaging ten workstations or less. 47.3% of this group were non-compliant...


      - 51 new school principals for 2006

     - New Drama Centre opens

     - Press Freedom and Good Governance

     - Employment Situation in 3rd Quarter 2005


Boat Asia sponsors Vincent Wee for Clipper Race

Vince is pictured 'left' together with Roel van Leeuwen 'center' and Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan 'right'


     - New speed limits for 55 roads in southern Singapore from 1 Nov 2005

     - Woman murdered in Jalan Bukit Merah flat

     - Compulsory day off for maids

     - Recent trends in employment creation

     - Singapore household debt and credit card bankruptcies


Compulsory registration for pre-paid SIM card holders

"From 1 November, mobile service providers, such as the Singapore Telecom Mobile Pte Ltd, StarHub Mobile Pte Ltd and MobileOne Ltd, will be required to ensure compliance in recording the personal details of all customers who buy prepaid SIM cards...

"...all existing prepaid SIM card users are required to re-register at retail outlets which sell prepaid SIM cards sold by their respective mobile service providers.

"Customers must be at least 15 years old before being eligible to purchase a prepaid SIM card..."


     - Compulsory registration for pre-paid SIM card holders

     - Annual Fire Walking Festival 2005


2nd reading of Public Transport Council (Amendment) Bill 2005

"The 2 PTOs estimate that fare evasion on buses occurs on about 1.8% of passenger trips. Even though this figure may appear to be low, we should not condone fare evasion. Otherwise, the majority of commuters who pay the correct fares will be subsidizing the small minority who abuse concession passes, avoid paying or intentionally underpay fares.

"Hence, to provide greater deterrence against fare evasion, the PTC will be introducing a penalty fee of $20 for the underpayment and non-payment of fares; and $50 for the abuse of fare concessions..."


     - Salary dispute resolved with Manpower Ministry's intervention

     - Draft Casino Control Bill released for public consultation


We Know What You Did Last June School Break: ACNielson Survey

Average spent by parents on each child during the June school break
Below $100
$100 - $199
$200 - $499
$500 - $999
$1,000 - $1,999
$2,000 and above
Not sure


     - Law to let criminal records of minor offenders be rendered spent

     - Direct school admission to Sec 1 in 2006


Bicycle thefts in Singapore

"The number of cases of bicycle theft averaged around 400 cases a year from 2000 to 2004. In the first half of this year, 435 cases were reported...

"In 2004, 9 out of 10 bicycles stolen in public places were not secured at designated bicycle bays. Instead, the vast majority of those stolen were secured to lamp posts, railings and pipes..."



Study Mum Situation in Singapore

"As at end Jul 05, there were about 6,800 study mothers in Singapore of whom some two-thirds were from the PRC...

"As at end Jun 05, less than 1,000 study mothers were holding Work Permits..."



     - 58 foreign workers arrested for having no work permits

     - Changi Airport to introduce self-service check-in kiosks in 2006


     - Medical subsidies for foreign workers being reviewed

     - The Singapore Flyer to be completed in early 2008


CPF - Future Directions

"By 2030, one in five Singaporeans will be at least 60 years old. With families getting smaller, we will have fewer children around to support us in our old age.

"Part of the answer is to get workers to work longer and retire later. But another part is to ensure that Singaporeans have enough savings to continue enjoying financial security and good medical care throughout our lives.....



      - MOE opens more gates for secondary students

     - School Achievements in 2005  (replaces ranking of top schools & junior colleges)

     - Biometric passports likely to debut in later half of 2006

     - Police raid company using pirated software

     - Singapore Labour Market - 2nd Quarter 2005


      - 60th Anniversary of the End of World War II

     - Educational Performance by Ethnic Group 1995 - 2004

     - Body parts found near Orchard MRT Station


^White Elephants ̄ Outside Buangkok MRT Station
Some members of public have expressed surprise and unhappiness upon learning that Police are investigating into the recent incident involving a few white elephant placards erected outside Buangkok MRT station. A few have also commented that this is a 'peaceful, humourous' and 'innovative way by ordinary residents' to 'express public feedback' and questioned the need for Police to 'over-react' and take the matter so seriously.
The Police received a 999 call complaining about the presence of the white elephants placards along the road divider outside Buangkok MRT station. When a complaint or report is received or lodged, Police will have to look into the matter to determine whether any offence has been committed. As we have stated earlier, Police are presently investigating the matter under the Public Entertainments and Meetings Act. The Police must be fair and transparent at all times and not investigate cases selectively.
7 September 2005 @ 12.00 pm
Source: Media Release 7 Sep 2005

      - Workfare to help low wage workers in six key areas


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