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Prepaid Phone Cards To Be Controlled

"I had previously raised the issue of prepaid phone cards as an area of security concern. The exploitation of the anonymity given by prepaid cards to avoid detection is not new. Criminals have exploited this. And terrorist groups like the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have done so too...

"The Homefront Security Division in MHA has been working closely with the IDA and the commercial service providers to work out a practical regulatory regime.

"These regulatory controls are likely to be implemented from early November. Details will be announced next month..."



     - New speed limits for 27 roads in the northeast



Financial Industry Disputes Resolution Centre launched

"First, by handling all disputes that relate to forms of financial transactions, it provides consumers the convenience of a one-stop centre...

"Third, FIDReC is affordable. To ensure easy access, mediation services will be free. If current trend continues, it means that 95% of all cases handled by FIDReC will be free. Should adjudication be needed, consumers will pay just $50."


      - Emergency ambulance statistics for 1st half 2005


Review of housing options for the elderly

"To encourage extended family living, HDB will extend the $12,000 monthly income ceiling to extended families buying resale HDB flats with the CPF Housing Grant. The revised policy will apply with immediate effect...

"To facilitate the elderly to buy SAs, buyers aged at least 55 years will now be able to use their CPF to buy SAs after they have set aside at least the full cash component of their Minimum Sum...



Is Singapore a literate society?

"...But if you define ^literate ̄ as meaning a well-read society, your answer would probably be ^no ̄ and you would be quite right.

"A Population Survey on the Arts by the National Arts Council in 2002 found that only 40 per cent of 1,527 people surveyed had read a novel that year.
"In 2003, a nation-wide survey of 1,500 Singapore residents by the National Library Board revealed that the strongest motivation to read was neither for leisure nor for literary appreciation. Rather, it was for career development..."


      - Man arrested for using counterfeit credit cards in Sim Lim Square

     - New dengue alert map on MOH & NEA Web sites


Rising number of HIV positive young people

"Young people are vulnerable to AIDS. Locally, 1 teenager under 19 years was tested positive for HIV in first 6 months of 2005 bringing the total number of young people in the 10-19 age group who are HIV-positive to 19 as of June 2005. In addition, there are also 458 young people in the 20-29 age group who are infected.

"The increasing numbers of HIV positive young people are a worrying trend. It is tragic for a young life, so full of potential, to be limited by a positive diagnosis of HIV. It is even more tragic when the infected person unknowingly spreads HIV to other young people, like himself or herself, by engaging in casual sex or sex with multiple partners. However, we believe no one can help young people more than themselves. Young people have the ability and courage to take difficult issues head-on and come up with bold and innovative solutions..."


      - Post Secondary Account for every eligible child


Prime Minister's National Day Rally Speech 2005

If you compare us with other countries, you go to Thailand, for example, whether it's a man or woman, the man will say Sawadikup or the woman will say the Sawadika.  You go to Japanese restaurant, Irrashaimasse.  Or you go to India, they say Nemeste or Varnakam. You go to Australia, they say Good Day mate!

In Singapore, they go straight to the point. ^How can I help you? ̄ Or if you're not so lucky, ^What you want? ̄


     - Prime Minister's National Day Rally Speech 2005

     - Police act against unlicensed second-hand handphone dealers


Say No! to co-ed for Victoria School

"That VS has been around for 129-plus years shows it has become an iconic institution for boys' education. Just because we are the last government school to remain an all-boys school doesn't mean that we should go with the flow and turn co-ed.

"The result may not bring in the anticipated rewards that those who support the change want. When that happens, it will have been too late to change the status quo. What then? Put the blame on other things?...



Three arrested for illegally distributing copyrighted songs online

"A pre-dawn raid on 3 locations by the Police on 17 August 2005 saw the arrest of 3 male subjects aged between 16 and 22 years old for distributing infringing copies of copyrighted music on the Internet.
"The 16 year-old student, 21 year-old unemployed man and 22 year-old factory operator were arrested in their respective residences..."



Number of youths arrested for rioting
"Youths arrested for rioting have been predominantly male. In 2004, the percentage was 84%. The majority are aged between 14 to 17 years. In 2004, 43% of youths arrested for rioting were students below the year of 16 with secondary school education. The next largest group of youths arrested for rioting are unemployed youths, accounting for 17% of arrests in 2004. Half of the youths arrested for rioting are Chinese, with Malays, Indians and youths of other races accounting for the other half. Seven out of ten youths arrested for rioting are first time offenders..."

     - Private sector to build and sell HDB flats

    - Armed police patrols on MRT trains from 15 Aug 2005


     - Presidential Election: Only S R Nathan qualifies

     - In-camp Training for National Servicemen cut to 10 years


     - Employment Situation in 2nd Quarter 2005


Prime Minister's National Day Message 2005

"...Every Singaporean C and not just a select few C must receive the best education that he is capable of.

"So we are investing heavily in polytechnics and ITEs, and not just in universities. We are paying attention to Normal stream students, and not just those in the Express and Special streams. We are emphasising lifelong learning, and not just pre-employment education.

"We also need to remake our city, so that it is vibrant, cosmopolitan and throbbing with energy, with our own distinctive X-factor that makes us stand out from other cities.
"Global cities like London, Paris, New York and Shanghai are continuously re-making themselves, so all the more must we. This is the deeper reason, beyond attracting tourists, why we are developing integrated resorts..."



Findings of First National Financial Literacy Survey

"The majority of Singaporeans save, monitor their spending and are generally responsible in the use of credit...

"While these findings are positive, the survey showed that many do not have a clear idea of how much they would need for their retirement.

"Many have also not set aside sufficient cash savings to meet emergency needs. In addition, the majority are not aware of the key features of common financial products such as life insurance policies and unit trusts..."


     - Presidential Election 2005 - Polling Day on 27 Aug 2005


Smoking ban to be extended to hawker centres, coffeeshops & entertainment outlets

"The ban at hawker centers and coffeeshops will take effect from 1 July 2006, while the ban at entertainment outlets will start on 1 July 2007...

"The smoking ban at coffee shops will come into effect on 1 Jul 06. Smoking will be banned within the indoor refreshment areas (IRA) of coffeeshops. However, coffeeshop operators may designate up to 20% of the seats in their outdoor refreshment area (ORA) as a smoking corner..."


      - Code of Conduct for Ministers


Singapore Crime Situation in 1st half 2005

"The total number of seizable offences in Jan C Jun 05 has risen by 28.1% or 4,668 cases, as compared to the same period last year...

"The Police are also concerned about the 44% rise in handphone crimes and the 9% increase in youths arrested for crime..."


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