Setting up your website

Here are the steps for setting up your website:

  1.  Register your preferred domain name.
  2.  Select hosting plan which suits your needs.
  3.  Delegate the nameservers for your hosting account. Allow 48 hours for the Internet to update information.
  4.  Access your website using the IP address given to you by us in the meantime.
  5.  Set up email accounts for your website using cPanel control panel.
  6.  Choose a suitable content management system. WordPress is a fine candidate.
  7.  Build your website; upload your website files using FTP.
  8.  Choose an online storefront if you are running an online store. Woocommerce may fit your needs.
  9.  Test your new website.
  10.  That’s it!


Here are some of the 100+ scripts available for instant installation in cPanel control panel:


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