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Mdm Kang's Kitchen Chilli Crab

  Hi everyone

  We have noticed that more students from the tertiary institutions here in Singapore, as well as in some other countries, have come into our website in search of information on Singapore.

  We know that these chaps, in surfing the Internet for whatever they are looking for, are looking out for information needed for their curriculum projects.

  A number of these students have e-mailed me to get assistance. I have tried my level best to respond to some of their e-mails, but as I am running this website on minimal resources, I have had, in the past, sort of eh "forgotten" to reply to some of the e-mails.

  For this I wish to apologise whole-heartedly. At this juncture, I still find it very difficult to spare time to respond to all the e-mails that we receive here. And I still have this bad habit of conveniently forgetting to reply to e-mails. What makes things worse is we can't hire staff. Why? To be frank, we haven't made a profit from this website to date. Our income in 1999 & 2000 was just a little over a hundred dollars. In 2001, up till today, we have only received one order for goods/services, and even then, we made a loss on that one. 

  So you see, running a business is not a lucrative business at all. However, there are some of us out there who seem to harbour this delusion that a business is a gold mine. I would say this to them - Stop Dreaming!

  I, for one, have not been paid a single cent in salary or commission or any other form of reward or incentives, call them by whatever name you choose, up till today.

  Why, you may ask, do I choose to go on giving this free service? You may have been aware that is all about Singapore. Being a Singaporean, and a proud one at that, I think it's my duty to provide the information that I have collected and collated here for your convenience, whether you are a local or a foreign visitor.

  It's a joy to share such knowledge. I am also proud that the information we have put up here is useful to those who surf by our website. We know so. We started with getting just 400 hits a day back in November 1999. Now, we are getting an average of 13,000 hits a day. 

  This may be a pittance compared to the biggies, such as Lycos and Yahoo. Even then, we are quite happy with the response to our hard work. Today, this website is 3054 pages thick. It is not a plaything anymore. Updating the webpages is pure hard work. We are struggling along so if you notice that we have been slow in updating certain sections, it is because we do not have enough hands to do the updating quickly. Bear with us. We appreciate your understanding. To those of you who have written in, I have this to say - I will try to reply as soon as I can. If you need to know something urgently, just keep sending e-mails to me.

NEW WEBSITES  is a new website for computer gamers launched by Lycos Singapore, a Net portal here. Called Khabal, it offers myriad services for players, including the all-important public game servers. It is currently hosting 19 game servers locally with popular games such as Counter-Strike, Quake Arena and Day of Defeat.  Pasi & Partners offers unique and effective leadership training and strategic planning workshops in Asia-Pacific area.  More than 24,000 titles from the National Library Board's (NLB) collection of e-books, e-magazines, CD-Roms and videos are now available online at this website launched on 7 Sep 2001. It will offer the content direct to home and office computers with an Internet connection. Membership in the eLibraryHub is free.  Andy Tan's Personal Homepage. View my photos, interesting links and about me. Hi there - I'm 28, a Chinese Singaporean guy looking for more friends.  is about the original branch of Taijiquan - Chen Style. With write-ups on Taijiquan, and renowned Masters (from China), training venues, events, e-shop of Taijiquan stuff, forum for discussion.  is the premier b2b portal on Printed Circuit Boards industry In India.  Monitor, TV, Printer, VCR, Hi-Fi, Photocopiers - We specialise in buying FAULTY, SPOILT ITEMS. Collection at your doorstep. Pls email at  or simply call 93862169 (HP) or 5630694 (Fax)  Energy Field Healing. Alternative medicine, Complementary medicine, Wholistic a non-invasive treatment of the body physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Providing healing sessions and Healing courses and Meditation Classes.  - women's couture resale - Very gently worn, women's authentic couture clothing and accessories, Vintage and current, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Hermes, Valentino.  is the website of the Air France airlines in Singapore, offers on line booking, international flights schedules, frequent flyer services, baggage tracking, and more... is the open-source travel portal. Interactive guides to hundreds of destinations, including Singapore. Singapore Lawyers - William Lai & Alan Wong. The firm is privileged to serve you and prestigious Banking & Financial institutions both local and foreign.

Click New Websites for the rest of the list.

BANKmates: Get a Personal Assistant to do your errands in Singapore.


The Singaporean website community Set up your company's website here. More...

We are now 3054 pages thick and growing.

Public Holidays DEEPAVALI is the next public holiday. It falls on 14 Nov 2001.

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Government Notices

New Schools Registered:

*Pramaks Learning Centre  Blk 102 Yishun Ave 5 #04-119 Singapore 760102  Supervisor: Mrs Shanthi Magendran

*Centre Stage Arts School  282 River Valley Road Singapore 238324 Supervisor: Ms Alison Elizabeth May Tompkins


National Service

Registration for national service for all male Singaporeans and permanent residents born between 13 Jun 1983 and 18 Dec 1983 starts on 12 Feb 2001 & ends on 25 May 2001. Click for details. National Service

Singapore Government Website   Police Ministry Of Education  Consular Matters & Migrating (known as permanent residency)

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The Singapore Economy

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Commencement 2001

A NUS graduation festivity showcasing the best of home-grown talents.

Concert by Stella NG, Pam OEI & Peculiar Remedies

19 Sep 2001     The Theatre, University Cultural Centre  8pm

Relive your varsity days, from orientation to exams, friendships forged, love lost and found and finally graduating... to a new beginning. A rising star in Taiwan, Stella will perform with her acoustic guitar. Also  taking centre stage will be Pam OEI, an established actress and her talented band, the Peculiar Remedies, performing a mix of folk, rock and pop original songs and covers.

Piano Recital by Dennis LEE & TOH Chee Hung

22 Sep 2001   The Hall, University Cultural Centre  8pm

Based in London, Dennis LEE and TOH Chee Hung have won numerous international awards and have thrilled audiences all over the world, including Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, China, Malaysia and Singapore. This critically-acclaimed husband-wife duo will return to Singapore to display their individual artistry as well as combined skills and brilliant musicianship. The varied concert programme will include solo piano and 4-hand works by Mozart, Kuhlau, Liszt, Debussy, Moszkowski and Dvorak.


Complimentary tickets available at all SISTIC outlets from 20 Aug 2001. (S$1 SISTIC charge applies) Tel: (65) 348 5555 or click HERE!

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Low Lying Areas In Singapore  Lists the flood-prone areas in Singapore.

Things you should know  Tells you things you need to be aware of - disasters, drowning cases, Hotel New World...
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