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Estimated population of Singapore citizens and permanent residents - 3,163,500 as at June 1998.

Chinese                     77%

Malays                      14%

Indians                     7.6%

Other ethnic groups 1.4%

Working Language: English

Other official languages: Mandarin, Malay & Tamil.

Planners expect the population of Singapore to reach 5.5 million by 2040 or 2050, taking into account an expected increase in the number of foreigners working here. From just 3 million in 1990, the number has swelled to 3.9 million today, including 700 000 foreigners.


The weather TODAY: Showers with thunder in the late morning and afternoon over northern, central and western parts of Singapore.  High tide 1.22 am 2.7m 2.03 pm 2.8m  Sunrise 7.08 am Sunset 7.15 pm Moonrise  10.41 pm  Moonset  10.14 am   PSI: 55 (moderate) Temp: 23-32  degrees Celsius (updated daily at 6am Singapore time)    


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      TransitLink TRAVEL MAP '99 for company

  Have you ever got lost whilst driving around. Well, I have, and several times too - once in Tampines, and a few times in the Bin Tong Park area. Sure, I had a road directory with me. But, it wasn't of much use. I mean, who ever plans to get lost? So when I am lost, everything else doesn't quite click together. I can still recall, anxiously fumbling through that thick and difficult-to-keep-open road directory and at the same time trying to keep my hands on the steering wheel. I finger the map and before I know it, the map is continued on another page far removed from the page I am fingering. Anyway, eventually, I gave up trying to use the map and started trying my luck at finding a way out. It was plain trial and error that finally worked for me.

   Along comes TransitLink's TRAVEL MAP. I have no trouble keeping its maps open. And it's so convenient that I don't feel, what's the word - yes, frustrated, anymore. A quick glance is all that is needed for me to find a way out of that maze of a place known as Tampines New Town. How I wish this map had been published years earlier! Now, I live in Hougang and depend on buses to get me around. In my line of work, time is precious. I need to move around new and unfamiliar places in Singapore (Singapore is not exactly small, you know). Many a time I get lost. It's no laughing matter. But, with Travel Map ' 99, I just need to pinpoint my present location, look around for the nearest bus-stop and then run my fingers over to the location I wish to be at. I check the bus service numbers at the nearest bus-stop there, and match the numbers with the ones at my present bus-stop. Then, I board the correct bus and reach my destination in the minimum of time. No more boarding any bus my sixth sense tells me will take me to my destination and then finding me changing bus, again and again. 

   What I particularly like about their map is that it allows me to trace the route of a bus service number on the map itself. I can finger my way on the map to see just exactly where the bus will take me to. I don't have to read any confusing tables. A picture is worth a thousand words. I am not the only one who finds this map useful. A lot of real estate agents possess one. Salesmen too have a copy. I believe tourists will find this a boon. The whole island is divided into 28 popular zones, such as City North, Bukit Timah /Holland and Orchard/River Valley. The user doesn't need to piece together a few pages just to see a map of a zone. There's no way anyone can get lost in Singapore when this map is with him/her. I would personally recommend every car to have a copy in it. I mean, it really is useful. It even has symbols on it to tell us just where the nearest food centre, polyclinic, or neighbourhood police post is. Housewives planning to enrol their children in schools near where they have moved to will be glad to know this map also shows the locations of schools. There's even a road index at the back to help the user. It only costs S$6 and I am told they have already sold 40 000 copies. Wah!

   What more can we ask for? In fact, to borrow the phrase, we should not leave home without it.  

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Standard Chartered Bank has tied up with Pacfusion.com to launch its Internet banking service on 28 Mar 2000. Click PacFusion.com

New AsiaBuilders.com to provide comprehensive listings and product catalogues for the construction industry. To be launched end Apr 2000. Click AsiaBuilders.com for a preview.

i-one.net to sell groceries online this month. Click i-One-Grocery for a preview.

A new website which has an auction mall, shopping plaza and more. Click i-mall21.com for a preview.

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New! The new Louis Vuitton shop has opened at Ngee Ann City.

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NATIONAL LIBRARY BUILDING: National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan told Parliament on 7 Mar 2000 that the National Library Building in Stamford Road would have to go.

  Save the ACS (Anglo Chinese School) clock tower  An appeal for support.


Singapore Government Website   Police Ministry Of Education   

NATIONAL SERVICE: Central Manpower Base (CMPB)  National service registration starts on Monday 31 Jan 2000 for all male Singapore citizens and permanent residents (PRs) born on or between 14 Jun 1982 and 12 Sep 1982, and ends on 10 Mar 2000. 


EscapeArtist.Com  The website on overseas living for international job seekers and expatriates.  

ExpatSingapore  For expatriates planning to relocate to Singapore. Provides excellent information on Singapore.  

ContactSingapore  Step-by-step guide to applying for a job, getting an employment pass, remuneration structure and corporate culture. 

Useful Services  Relocating to Singapore?

Once a week, our roving editor will take you to a different part of Singapore to take in the sights.

Our maiden trip takes place this Saturday 25 Mar 2000, when the first sightseeing trip takes you to the North Bridge Road area. Follow our editor as he combs the streets that dot the area.

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Low Lying Areas In Singapore  Lists the flood-prone areas in Singapore.

Things you should know  Tells you things you need to be aware of. 

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The Singapore Census of Population is here again.

  220 000 randomly selected households representing one-fifth of the household population here are being sent notification letters in six batches from 21 Mar 2000 till May 2000.

  Various census reports will be released to the public from late August 2000.

  Chief Statistician, Paul Cheung, pointed out at a media briefing on 17 Mar 2000  that one in every four people here is now a non- Singaporean. This has lots of implications on social interaction. The number of marriages between Singaporeans and non-Singaporeans is more than 20% of all marriages.


The top ten fiction and non-fiction titles sold at these bookstores last week


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Today Friday 24 Mar 2000

In Singapore

Officials from Britain's largest group of hospitals are in SIngapore to recruit 100 nurses from hospitals already facing a staff shortage. Only 10 days ago, Health Minister Lim Hng Kiang said that salaries of public-sector nurses would go up by about 13% to attract more Singaporeans to join the profession.

Police have arrested an 18-year-old maid suspected of hurling her employer's 14-month-old baby to her death from a third-storey  flat in Hougang on Wednesday.

A man was arrested yesterday after his wife was found slashed to death in her ninth-storey Commonweath Drive flat.


Taipei: President Lee Teng-Hui is to step down as Kuomintang chairman today.

Around the world

Jerusalem: Pope John Paul II yesterday expressed heartfelt grief for centuries of Christian persecution of Jews during his visit to Israel's memorial to the 6 million Jews killed in the Holocast.

Courtesy of The Straits Times

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Singapore's water is clean and safe to drink from the tap. There is no need to boil it.


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