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     FrontPage Edition: Mon 31 March 2008

LTA launches online enquiry for vocational licence holders


LTA Launches Online Enquiry E-Service For Vocational Licence Holders
The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will launch a Vocational Licence (VL) enquiry e-service which will be available at LTA’s website ( from 1 April 2008. Employers and interested parties will be able to check the validity and status of an individual’s VL (taxi driver, omnibus driver, school bus driver, private hire bus driver, excursion bus driver or school bus conductor) before employing them or hiring their taxis to them.
The public can obtain up-to-date information on the vocational licence status by keying in the NRIC or Foreign Identification Number (FIN) and date of birth of the individual. For example, if a vocational holder’s licence is suspended for two weeks, a check on his licence within this two-week period will show that his licence has been suspended. At the end of the suspension period, the licence status will once again be reflected as valid.
With the launch of this e-service, LTA will no longer issue new vocational licence photo-cards for renewal cases. Vocational licence holders also need not come personally to LTA. They can mail the relevant documents with a cheque for the renewal fee to LTA.
Upon successful renewal, a sticker will be mailed to them to be pasted over the expiry date stated on the VL photo-card. This sticker will indicate that the status of the vocational holder’s licence can be obtained from the LTA website.
LTA will continue to issue VL photo-cards for new applicants and replace lost and damaged VL photo-cards.
Currently, the VL renewal process is manpower-intensive and involves relatively long waiting times as a two-step process is involved.
Firstly, the VL holder has to submit the renewal application, supporting documents and make payment.
Secondly, he has to submit or wait for his photograph to be taken for the new VL photo-card and wait for the card to be printed. This causes long queues and crowds to form at the LTA’s Sin Ming office during each mass renewal exercise.
This initiative will significantly cut down on the processing time for over-the-counter renewals of vocational licences, encourage more renewals by post and provide convenient and easy access to up-to-date information on the status and expiry dates of an individual’s vocational licence.
Making the information available online via the internet will also enhance transparency by facilitating self-checking by vocational licence holders, employers and other interested parties.

Source: News Release 31 Mar 2008

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