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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 30 April 2008

10% Energy Challenge Lucky Draw for households


NEA to households: cut your energy bills by 10%

Minister launches national contest to promote energy efficiency

The National Environment Agency (NEA), which spearheads Singapore's energy efficiency drive, is challenging all 1.12 million households across the island to cut their electricity usage by 10%.
Dubbed as the 10% Energy Challenge, the first-of-its kind national campaign underscores NEA's key focus on raising awareness amongst Singapore residents on energy conservation and stimulating the adoption of an energy efficient lifestyle as part of their daily lives. The campaign empowers everyone to contribute towards Singapore's efforts in mitigating climate change.
The 10% Energy Challenge enables anyone who cuts his home energy consumption by 10 percent between May and August, to stand a chance to win the grand prize; a fuel efficient hybrid car, as well as nine other prizes in a national lucky draw. The latter include energy efficient refrigerators, air-conditioners, LCD TVs and lighting products.
Chief Executive Officer of NEA, Mr Lee Yuen Hee said, 'Going green at home not only helps mitigate global warming, it also makes good economic sense given the surging oil price, which has already pushed up electricity cost by close to 25% compared to the same time last year'.
A 10% cut in consumption could save more than 680 GWh (based on last year's consumption of electricity by the domestic sector) and this, if sustained, translates into over $162 million savings per annum at current consumption levels.
'We are all winners at the end of this campaign if we can reduce our energy consumption by using energy efficient devices and adopting energy efficient habits at home,' he added. (Tariff rates for Apr 07 was $18.88/kWh, this Apr is $23.88/kWh)
The NEA is urging the adoption of energy efficient habits at home as energy consumption here hit record levels in the past decades. Household energy consumption in 2007 at 6,820.81 GWh is nearly four times higher than 20 years ago.
Households account for close to a fifth of the electricity consumed in Singapore, which totalled 37,4201 GWh in 2007. Typically, air-conditioning and refrigeration account for the lion's share of electricity consumption.
The 10% Energy Challenge campaign has a simple message - everyone can play a part to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adopting simple energy-saving measures at home. Through these individual efforts, Singaporeans can collectively do their part to fight climate change and save on their electricity bills as well.
To get Singaporeans to adopt more energy efficient lifestyles, NEA will provide every household with an Energy Efficiency information kit, create public awareness through mass media campaigns, roll out an energy-saving contest for primary schools in partnership with the Singapore Environment Council, organise community outreach events and launch a national lucky draw.
10% Energy Challenge Lucky Draw
To take part in the lucky draw, the difference in household electricity consumption from May to August should be at least 10% lower than from January to April 2008. Households can check the bar charts on the reverse side of their June and September bills for the electricity that they have consumed for the 8 months mentioned. If households achieve this target, they will be eligible for the lucky draw.
The entry form for the lucky draw can be found in the Energy Efficiency (EE) information kit which each household will receive from next month. Alternatively, the form can be downloaded from the newly launched EE website at
Energy Efficiency information kit
NEA will start mailing out Energy Efficiency information kits to all 1.12 million households from next month. The kit contains useful tips on saving electricity and other interesting collaterals to remind individuals on energy conservation. For example, turn off appliances at the power socket to eliminate standby power which can add up to 10% to the electricity bill; buy energy-efficient appliances by looking for the energy label. These measures could potentially save hundreds of dollars a year.
On the last page of the information booklet is a simple self-addressed entry form for the lucky draw. The hybrid car grand prize is sponsored by Brewerkz, Singapore, which is one of the key sponsors of the NEA's 10% Energy Challenge. Brewerkz is an award-winning microbrewery restaurant founded in 1997. Other prize sponsors include Daikin, LG and Osram.
Energy Saving Contest
In tandem with the national contest, NEA and the Singapore Environmental Council (SEC) have jointly enlisted school children to help promote energy efficient habits within their households through a similar competition.
Students of participating schools will likewise compete to reduce their household electricity consumption by at least 10% over the same periods.
Students will vie for the intra-school award which is given to the top three energy savers, and schools will compete for the inter-school prize which will be given to the top three schools that have the highest percentage of participating students who have achieved 10% or more reduction. Participating students whose household electricity consumption achieves a 10% reduction will receive a prize. To date, 41 primary schools have registered for the competition.
The 10% Energy Challenge draw will be conducted in November, at this year's Clean and Green Singapore event. Winners of the school competition will also be announced then.

Source: Press Release 26 Apr 2008

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