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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 18 April 2008

Additional Medisave top-up for older Singaporeans


Additional Medisave Top-Up
The Government will increase the Medisave top-up for elderly Singaporeans above the age of 81.
Under Budget 2008, the Government has earlier announced that it will provide a one-off top-up to Medisave Accounts to help older Singaporeans pay for their medical bills and MediShield premiums. The top-up will benefit all Singaporeans aged 51 and above.
The Medisave top-up will cost the Government $220 million.
Now that the MediShield premium changes to support the next round of enhanced benefits are known, the Government has decided to raise the Medisave top-up by an additional $100, from $450 to $550 for those aged 81 and above. This will bring the total cost of the Medisave top-up to $226 million.
The Medisave top-up by age group is summarised below. The top-ups will take effect in September 2008, if the changes to MediShield enhancements are implemented by December 2008.


Medisave Top-Up Amount

51 to 60


61 to 70


71 to 75


76 to 80


81 and above


17 APRIL 2008

Source: Press Release 17 Apr 2008

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