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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 15 February 2008

Sporting Culture Committee (SCC) releases its recommendations



The Sporting Culture Committee (SCC) released its report today, detailing 23 recommendations to catalyse the growth of an inclusive sporting community, groom our own sporting heroes to bring home international glory, and develop a dynamic sports industry that generates economic opportunities.
Formed in September 2006 by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS), the SCC is chaired by Parliamentary Secretary Teo Ser Luck. Mr Teo and his fellow committee members, who hail from the people, public and private sectors, share a passion for sports and a strong belief about the benefits of sports to the individual, community and nation. The list of committee members is available at Annex A.
Said Mr Teo, “After many months of brainstorming by the members of the Sporting Culture Committee, as well as consultation with various groups and stakeholders from within and outside the sporting fraternity, I am pleased to share the Committee’s report with the public. I believe this report is an important step towards nurturing a sporting culture in Singapore.”
The Committee’s recommendations emphasise providing sports opportunities for all – the young, working adults, families, seniors and the disabled – and ensuring engaging experiences for active sports participants, spectators and even volunteers.
The recommendations include the formation of a National Sports Strategy Committee to oversee the implementation of the SCC’s recommendations, initiating the inclusive multi-sports Singapore Games, supporting the development of sports clubs, and creating more playing spaces in the heartlands.
Mr Teo added, “The Committee members strongly believe that sports has the power to galvanise people. Sports is fun and allows families, friends and neighbours to bond in an emotive and experiential manner when they play and watch sporting events together. The Committee hopes that everyone will come onboard and work together to build an enduring Singapore Sporting Culture.”
The Sporting Culture Committee has submitted its report to MCYS. The Ministry will study the recommendations and give its response during the Committee of Supply sessions in March.
Attachments: Annex A – Composition of Committee Annex B – Sporting Culture Committee report (Executive Summary)
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14 February 2008


Source: Press Release 14 Feb 2008

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