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     FrontPage Edition: Tue 15 January 2008

 Preparing for an ageing population



The Ministerial Committee on Ageing (MCA) released its report card on the work accomplished by the Singapore Government on ageing issues for 2007. The MCA, whose vision is of “Successful Ageing For Singapore”, released the status report based on four strategic thrusts:
· Enhance employability and financial security;
· Provide holistic and affordable healthcare and eldercare;
· Enable ageing-in-place; and
· Promote active ageing.
Good progress has been made in the four identified strategic thrusts, and further initiatives will be pursued in 2008. Recommendations of the earlier Committee on Ageing Issues are also being implemented and will be included in the agenda of the MCA.
The major achievements in 2007 include measures to enhance the employability and financial security of seniors, improving the affordability of healthcare, enhancing a barrier-free and accessible environment for our seniors, and facilitating seniors to be well-connected and active in society. The full report is at Attachment A.
Health is key to well-being at old age. Thus, it is vital that services for seniors to help them remain healthy and prevent illness are established for their use.
A pilot Wellness Programme, announced in September 2007, aims to offer older Singaporeans with information and opportunities to lead healthy lifestyles and remain socially engaged within the community. The Council for Third Age was also established in May 2007 to promote active ageing in Singapore.
Taking the perspective of ageing as both a challenge and opportunity, the MCA has also encouraged the development of commercially viable products and services for seniors in Singapore. Promoting a “Silver Industry” as a business opportunity and to enhance quality living for our seniors has been made through the Silver Industry Conference and Exhibition on 10-13 January 2008.
The MCA, formed in March 2007, coordinates the efforts by the various ministries to provide a holistic approach towards addressing the challenges and opportunities of Singapore’s ageing population. It consists of several high-level ministers and is led by Minister (Prime Minister’s Office) Lim Boon Heng.
Issued by: Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

Source: Media Release 15 Jan 2008

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