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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 10 January 2008

 Revamped STI and new FTSE ST Index Series launched



Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and FTSE Group (FTSE) are launching the revamped Straits Times Index (STI) as well as the other 18 new indices of the FTSE ST Index Series today.
Mr Alan Chan, SPH CEO, said, “The revamped STI, together with the introduction of the four FTSE ST benchmark indices, 13 sector indices and the FTSE ST China Index, will be more comprehensive in the primary role of tracking the real-time performance of the Singapore stock market on each trading day.”
Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, SGX CEO, said, “Today’s launch is a major milestone for the Singapore market as we now adopt a globally recognised methodology for our indices. We expect that the revamped STI and new indices will stimulate the development of more index-related products, spurring greater trading on our exchange and creating a more vibrant Singapore securities market.”
Mr Mark Makepeace, FTSE Group Chief Executive, added, “FTSE is pleased to partner with SGX and SPH to apply FTSE’s internationally recognised methodology to Singapore’s domestic benchmarks. The revamp of the STI and the launch of the new FTSE ST Index Series shows their commitment to creating a vibrant market for Singapore by encouraging the creation of index-linked products with an underlying index that is investable, tradable and transparently managed.”
The revamped STI will comprise 30 blue-chip companies on the SGX Mainboard ranked by market capitalisation as at 31 August 2007. These stocks have also passed the selection criteria outlined in Appendix 1. Details of the indices are in Appendix 2, while the constituents of the revamped STI are shown in Appendix 3.
The opening value of the revamped STI today is the same as the closing value of the previous STI yesterday, to ensure continuity. To facilitate historical analysis of the revamped 30-stock STI based on the new FTSE methodology, a re-created history going back to 31 August 1999 has been created.
The other 18 new indices are similarly starting today. Their trial values have been calculated since 8 October 2007, with all 18 indices starting at 1,000. Their opening values today are the same as their closing trial values yesterday. Historical values for each index back to 31 August 1999 have been created.
Real-time intra-day values of the revamped STI and new FTSE ST Index Series will be displayed on the following web sites from today:
FTSE will also display the end-of-day index values on its website at
For details of the ground rules, values and constituent lists, please visit the SPH and FTSE websites at: and

Source: News 10 Jan 2008

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