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     FrontPage Edition: Fri 2 May 2008

Bus and train fare evaders to be fined from 1 July 2008

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Fare Evaders Will Be Fined From 1 July 2008

From 1 July 2008, the penalty fee regulations to deter fare evasion on basic bus and train services will come into effect. Fare evaders who are caught for deliberately not paying or under- paying the correct fares when travelling on basic bus or train services will be required to pay a penalty fee of S20 Any misuse of concession cards (e.g. for students, NS-men) will face a penalty fee of $50.
Today, only train services have existing regulations on fare evasion but basic bus services do not. The penalty fee regulations will remove this disparity that exists between the two modes of public transport.
The objective of penalty fees is to deter evasion of fares on basic bus and train services. Mr Gerard Ee, Chairman of the Public Transport Council (PTC) explained: Fare evasion is a dishonest act. The penalty fee is to discourage such behaviour. Commuters who are already paying the correct fares will not be affected as the penalty fee system is targeted at fare evaders only.”
The main details on the penalty fee regulations that will be implemented on basic bus and train services are given in Annex A.
Prior to the commencement of the penalty fee regulations on 1 July 2008, the public transport operators, SBS Transit and SMRT. will embark on an awareness programme to inform commuters of the penalty fee that will be levied for fare evasion, Transit Link. on behalf of the two public transport operators, will separately announce the implementation of the penalty fee system.

Annex A


1 The penalty fee regulations [1] will commence on 1 July 2008

2 A penalty fee of $20 may be imposed on a person who has not paid or has underpaid the fare for a ride on basic bus or train service.

3 In the case where a person has used a concession card for which he or she is not eligible to use. the penalty fee will be $50

4 Any person who is exempted from fare payment (e.g. a child of 0.9 meters or less in height) will not be subject to the penalty fee regulations.

5 A person may seek recourse on the penalty fee by appealing to the Public Transport Council (PTC) within 14 days from the imposition of penalty fee.


[1] The penalty fee regulations will be promulgated via government gazette Once promulgated, the regulations will also be posted at the PTC’s website at www.ptcpov.sp at the latest by 1 July 2008.

Source: News Release 2 May 2008

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