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     FrontPage Edition: Thu 31 May 2007

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MAS launches 2007 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set


MAS Launches the 2007 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) today launched the 2007 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set. This is the second set of coins issued in tribute to one of Singapore¡¯s national treasures.
Orchids are a significant feature of Singapore¡¯s heritage.
The Singapore Botanic Gardens established the Orchid hybridization programme in 1928, which subsequently led to a flourishing cut-flower export industry here. Singapore is one of ASEAN¡¯s top producers and exporters of top quality orchid flowers, with 15% share of the world market.
The first Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set, comprising Vanda Tan Chay Yan and Aranda Majula, was issued in 2006. All 8,000 sets were sold out.

Coin Design
The 2007 Heritage Orchids of Singapore Coin Set consists of two coins featuring Dendrobium Singa Mas and Vanda Mimi Palmer.

(i) Dendrobium Singa Mas ¨C
¡°Singa¡± is Sanskrit for ¡°Lion¡± and ¡°Mas¡± is Malay for ¡°gold¡±, so this hybrid with its clear yellow colour aptly translates as ¡°Golden Lion¡±.

It is one of the most beautiful hybrids created by the Singapore Botanic Gardens.  The 50 cm upright inflorescene bears 15 to 20 well arranged flowers.  A light lilac veins the lip, making this orchid hybrid a highly sought after beauty.

(ii) Vanda Mimi Palmer ¨C
A local favourite, this handsome hybrid¡¯s distinctive tessellated flowers represents a breakthrough in Vanda breeding, where the total flower has strong tessellations.  The bluish grey colour tessellations are brilliantly displayed.

It has a sweet fragrance which some have likened to the scent of delicious chocolate.

The obverse of the coins bears the Singapore Arms with the year-date 2007.
Limited Worldwide Mintage
The coins will be issued in a premium set on Monday, 25 June 2006. The details of the coin set are as follows:

(a) 2-in-1 $5 Silver Proof Coin Set
2 pieces of 999 fine silver coins with colour application.  Each coin weighs 20 grammes and has a diameter of 38.70 mm. Mintage of 8,000 sets only.  Each set is accompanied by 2 certificates of authenticity with the same serial numbers.

(b) 2-in-1 ez-link Card Set
2 pieces of ez-link cards featuring the 2 orchids species.  Mintage of 1,000 sets.

(c)  $5 Silver Proof Coin and ez-link Card Set
2 pieces of 999 fine silver coins with colour application and 2 ez-link cards.    Mintage of 1,000 sets. 

Sale of Coins
The coins will be sold by The Singapore Mint.
For enquiries and coin orders, the public can contact The Singapore Mint at telephone numbers 6565 2626 / 6895 0371 / 6895 0388 or via internet at

Source: Press Release 31 May 2007

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