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     FrontPage Edition: Sun 18 November 2007

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Measures to help HDB retailers


Measures To Help HDB Retailers
At a visit to Serangoon North Neighbourhood Centre today, Minister of State for National Development, Ms Grace Fu announced the following measures to help HDB retailers:-
(a) Selection of 14 sites in HDB estates for pilot implementation under the Revitalisation of Shops (ROS) Scheme;

(b) Implementation of Batch 3 Restructuring Programme for Shops (RPS) for shop tenants at 11 HDB Blocks, and

(c) Lower charges for HDB shop lessees / tenants who require upgrading of the electrical loading for their premises.
ROS & Heartland Retail Programme
Minister of State, Ms Grace Fu, announced in Parliament in Mar 2007 that HDB and SPRING Singapore would introduce measures to enhance the vibrancy and competitiveness of HDB shops, so as to better serve the residents' needs.
Under the ROS Scheme and Heartland Retail Programme, HDB and SPRING would provide assistance if HDB retailers or the local Merchantsí Associations (MAs) are keen to organize themselves and take the lead to drive the revitalization efforts. Details of the schemes are attached at ANNEX A1.
When applications for the ROS closed on 30 Sep 2007, HDB had received a total of 19 applications for the scheme. Of these, 14 sites have been chosen to be in the pilot batch. A list of the 14 selected sites is attached at ANNEX A2.
To facilitate the implementation of the ROS and Heartland Retail Programme, a Working Committee comprising Grassroots Leaders, representatives from the Merchants' Associations and officers from Town Council, HDB and SPRING Singapore will be formed for each of the 14 sites. The Committee will map out the implementation plans of these assistance measures with each MA.
HDB and SPRING will review the pilot project after 1-year to see if the schemes can be extended to other sites.
SPRING Singapore, which is facilitating the Heartland Retail Programme, is currently working with the Merchants' Associations of the interested sites on the applications. SPRING Singapore aims to finalise the sites for implementation of the Heartland Retail Programme by 1Q08.
RPS Batch 3
The RPS, first announced in Mar 2005, is to assist tenants of HDB shops located in areas with an over-supply of shops and with poor business, to retire from business or to restructure and upgrade their business operations. HDB has successfully implemented two batches of RPS.
A third batch comprising 19 blocks was announced for Batch 3 of the RPS on 23 Jul 2007. The background on RPS and features of Batch 3 of the RPS is attached at ANNEX B1.
As at 22 Oct 2007, tenants at 11 blocks submitted their agreement letter and met the criteria under RPS Batch 3.
Those who wish to give up their business will receive an ex gratia payment of $60,000 if they are eligible and those who intend to continue in business but need to be regrouped will be given a removal allowance of $10,000. These tenants will be given 6 months till 13 May 2008 to vacate their shops. A listing of the 11 blocks is attached at ANNEX B2.
With the implementation of 3 batches of RPS, the majority of tenants who are not doing well due to excess supply of shops and desire to discontinue their businesses have already done so. Hence, the RPS will be discontinued after Batch 3.
Free or Lower Electrical Upgrading Charges for HDB Shops
Most older HDB shops were built with electrical loads lower than current norms. Over time, the electrical load requirements in shops have increased with the proliferation of air-conditioning, more lighting and other electrical appliances.
Currently, the charges for electrical upgrading for shop tenants and shop owners are $45 per amp and $85 per amp respectively. From 14 Nov 2007, electrical upgrading up to 1 phase 60 amp will be free for tenants while shop owners will pay the revised charge of $45 per amp. A summary of the changes is shown at ANNEX C.
The lower charges/free upgrading will benefit about 1,200 owners and 1,300 tenants of HDB shops with an existing electrical supply of less than 1 phase 60 amps.
With the revised electrical upgrading charges, these shop owners can expect to save about $1,600 and tenants about $1,800, when they upgrade the electrical supply at their premises. The entire exercise is expected to cost HDB up to $4 million.
For enquiries, HDB shop owners and tenants can call:

            - HDB Commercial Properties toll-free line: 1800-866 3073

            - SPRING Singapore: 6898 1800

Source: Press Release 14 Nov 2007

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