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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 17 October 2007

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ACT 3 Int'l presents Peter Pan


Peter Pan By The Nearly World Famous Dufflebag Theatre Presented by ACT 3 International

29 October – 4 November 2007

For 4- to 12-year-olds

This November, fly away to amazing Neverland with the Nearly World Famous Dufflebag Theatre as they whisk children aged four to 12 on an exceptional theatrical journey to a captivating world of pirates, swordfights, fairies and pixie dust!
And the best part is that the leading actor could just be a child or an adult from the audience!
Dufflebag Theatre, which hails from Canada, brings with it a one of a kind interactive 'live' theatre where members are selected from the audience at random to take on the plump roles on stage. These 'actors' get into the thick of the action and are guided by a very skilful narrator and a zany cast of actors including a talking tree!
The rest of the audience will not be petering out or left out in the cold; they get to be a part of the drama too as they respond to prompts and cues from the narrator while the plot unfolds!
And if one thinks that Dufflebag Theatre will be dishing out another predictable and humdrum production of Peter Pan, he or she will be astounded!
'Be prepared for a duffle bag of surprises and tricks, and even some modern song and dance that will connect instantly with today's children!' promises Ruby Lim-Yang, Artistic Director of ACT3 International.
She explains, 'You will have all the elements of the much loved Peter Pan classic – the charming boy in green who never wants to grow up, his rebellious shadow, the Darling children, Wendy, Michael and John, plus Peter Pan's nemesis, the ever crooked Captain Hook, and his dim-witted yet comical sidekick, Smee.
'Then you have the one character who will really steal your heart - Tinkerbell, the infamous fairy whose pixie dust gives one the power of flight. Although a fairy, she is the most human of all characters - loyal and loving to the one she loves, yet impetuous and spiteful to those who threaten her relationship with Peter. Tinkerbell's antics land herself and the others in hot water, and she unwittingly unravels an uproarious comedy of errors, conflict and outcomes.'
Ruby continues, 'But just when the audience is lulled into thinking the plot will take an expected course, a sudden and amusing twist is created with aplomb! And that's the real magic of Dufflebag Theatre. They are masters of improvisation. They pick a simple fairy tale or classic story and bring it to life by turning it into a hilarious and enjoyable experience for children and even adults.'
Mother of two, Charlotte Lim, who attended Dufflebag’s previous offering, Romeo and Juliet, when the company last performed two years ago, agrees.
'My children, aged six and eight then, were just so tickled by all the entertaining twists and turns. I was impressed by the ease in which the actors creatively and effortlessly involved the audience and delivered their lines with comic precision. The Dufflebag actors were witty, articulate and very professional. Some plays fizzle out towards the end and lose the children's attention but they know what rocks for the children literally and are able to sustain their interest throughout the play.'
The entire experience is natural and spontaneous, adds Ruby, and most unforgettable because of the delightfully funny characterisation and side-splitting humour. She elaborates, 'It's theatre with a huge dose of spontaneity, where the barriers between audience and the performers are broken down and each person is naturally roped into the plot, atmosphere, conflict and resolution. And it will have the young and old laughing out loud and rolling on the floor!'
To take flight to Neverland, please call ACT 3 International 6735 9986 Email
ACT 3 Theatre, 126 Cairnhill Road, ONE-TWO-SIX CAIRNHILL ARTS CENTRE
Dates and Time:
27 Oct Saturday:       11am & 5pm

28 Oct Sunday:         11am & 5pm

29 Oct Monday          10am & 2pm

30 Oct Tuesday         9am & 11am

31 Oct Wednesday 10am & 2pm

1 Nov  Thursday        10am & 2pm

2 Nov Friday              9am & 11am

3 Nov: Saturday         11am & 5pm

4 Nov Sunday            11am & 5pm

Ticket Price $20 (inclusive of $1/- SISTIC fee)
SISTIC HOTLINE: 6348 5555 ON-LINE: COUNTER: All authorised SISTIC agents

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