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     Direct School Admission Exercise 2007 for admission to JC1

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DSA-JC Exercise

The exercise will be conducted in 2 phases as follows:

Please refer to Annex C for further details on the exercise.

For Further Information

Students who are interested in participating in the DSA-JC Exercise should approach any of the participating institutions or visit their websites for more details regarding the selection exercises.

Students/Parents can also call MOE Customer Service Centre at 6872 2220 for further clarifications or refer to the MOE website at for more information regarding the DSA-JC Exercise.

Direct Polytechnic Admission Exercise

10. Students who are interested in polytechnic studies and wish to gain direct admission to polytechnics can participate in the Direct Polytechnic Admission Exercise (DPA), which will be commence on 11 July 2007, for admission to polytechnics in 2008..

11. Students can participate in both DSA-JC and DPA Exercises but can only accept one offer at any one time - either a JC or a polytechnic offer. If a student were to accept both a JC and a polytechnic offer concurrently, he/she will be disqualified from both the DSA-JC and DPA Exercises. Students can refer to MOE website at for more information regarding the DPA Exercise.


The Ministry of Education (MOE) has been giving schools, polytechnics and universities greater flexibility in their admission of students to allow a more diverse range of student achievements and talents to be recognised.

Since 2004, MOE has introduced a phased plan to provide greater flexibility in the secondary and junior college (JC) school admission system. The plan includes:

a. allowing schools with the Integrated Programme (IP), NUS High School and School of the Arts full discretion in admissions;

b. enhancing the autonomy of Autonomous Schools (AS) and Independent Schools (IS) by:

     i. increasing their level of discretionary places to 10% and 20%

respectively, and

     ii. allowing them to adopt their own merit-based admission criteria for these places;

c. extending discretion on admissions to mainstream secondary schools that are able to develop strong niche programmes;

d. giving discretion on admissions to all JCs.


17 MAY 2007

Annex C

Details on DSA-JC 2007

1. When a student accepts a Confirmed Offer, he is required to complete two copies of the DSA-JC Acceptance Form, which come with the Confirmed Offer, and bring them to the institution for endorsement. The institution will retain a copy, while the student will retain another copy (duly endorsed by the institution) for reference.

2. Each student is allowed to accept only one Confirmed Offer at any one time. If a student is found to have accepted more than one Confirmed Offer, he will be disqualified from the DSA-JC Exercise 2007.

3. If any student wishes to change his mind after having accepted a Confirmed Offer from an institution, he must cancel his earlier acceptance by formally submitting a Cancellation Form at the MOE Customer Service Centre at 1 North Buona Vista Drive, Singapore 138675 during the cooling off stage for phase 1 and before the end of acceptance stage in phase 2.

4. Students who have previously accepted a DSA-JC offer but who would like to participate in the centralised posting exercises - the Provisional Admission Exercise (PAE), the Joint Admission Exercise (JAE) or the Joint Polytechnic Special Admission Exercise (JPSAE) - would have to submit their withdrawal from the DSA-JC Exercise. no later than 5 October 2007, 5pm, at the MOE Customer Service Centre.

5. More information regarding the DSA-JC Exercise 2007 is available on the MOE website ( Additional information on the specific admission criteria for each school is available on the respective schools¨ websites.

Source: Press Release 17 May 2007