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     Changes to SingPass system

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SingPass was launched on 1st March 2003 and is the common online password for users to access government e-services at and various government websites. Developed by the CPF Board in collaboration with the MOF and IDA, it serves as a single-factor authentication method, so that users only need to remember one password when transacting with the Government. Currently, about 40 government agencies authenticate users with SingPass for access to about 370 e-services requiring secure user identification.

Since its launch, the total volume of SingPass authentication transactions have increased from 4.5 million in 2003 to 18.9 million in 2006, representing a more than three-fold increase in usage over four years. The SingPass system today has three million registered users, most of whom use SingPass to access information on their Central Provident Fund accounts.

Enhancements to SingPass

Beginning 25 November 2007, three new features will be added to the SingPass system.

Faster Reset of Passwords

This new feature allows users who have forgotten their SingPass to reset it online almost immediately. Currently, users who have forgotten their passwords have to go to a SingPass counter to have it reset, or submit their request online and wait for a new system-generated password to arrive by post within four working days of request made. To enjoy this new feature, users are required to register their mobile numbers at (available from 25 Nov 07).

Added Security for Password Reset

When the user resets his password online, he is required to answer questions about himself. When the questions have been answered correctly, he will receive a code on his pre-registered mobile phone and another code will be displayed online. The user will then use these codes to reset his password online. To enjoy this new feature, the user can sign up for the service and pre-register his mobile number through the SingPass website at (available from 25 Nov 07).

Single Page Log-in

The enhanced SingPass system will allow the user to enter his SingPass ID and password in a single log-in page instead of the current two-page log-in.

New Public Hotline and E-Mail

With effect from 25 November 2007, users can call the new SingPass hotline 68877377 or e-mail if they have queries or require assistance in using SingPass.

The new hotline, SingPass website and system administration will be managed by CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd, who was appointed through an open tender in April 2006. SingPass was previously managed by the CPF Board.


Key Government e-Services Using SingPass Authentication

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority

- Local or Foreign Company Names Application

- Conversion of Companies to Limited Liability Partnerships

- Changes in Particulars of Businesses


Central Provident Fund Board

- My Statement

- Track retirement planning at Retirement Ready @ my cpf

- Transfer of CPF Savings from Ordinary Account to Special Account, and topping-up of CPF Minimum Sum

- e-Submission for Employers


Infocomm Development Authority

- Infocomm Training Resources And Incentives on the Net (iTRAIN)

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

- e-Filing for individual income tax

- GST Filing for companies


Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

- e-TradeMarks


Media Development Authority

- Declaration for Import of Videogames

- Application for TV/Radio Licence


Ministry of Defence

- Enquiry on Date of Enlistment

- Enquiry on NS Payslip

- eSelf Update

- Submission of Make-up Pay


Ministry of Finance



Ministry of Manpower

- Application for Work Permit by employers and businesses

- Access to Foreign Worker Levy Billing


Ministry of National Development

- Online Change of Mailing Address


Ministry of Trade & Industry

- Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS)


National Arts Council

- Arts Education Programme Online


Urban Redevelopment Authority

- E-services for Licensed Developers

- Application, extension and renewals for Change of Use

Source: Media Release 5 Nov 2007