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     FrontPage Edition: Sat 3 November 2007

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SGNIC launches bidding for fully numeric domain names


Fully Numeric Domain Names Can Soon Be Used

Internet users can soon look up website addresses easily with just numbers, and website owners can use their favourite numbers as their website addresses.
This is because pure numeric domain names will be introduced by the Singapore Network Information Centre (SGNIC) to link websites to businesses, organisations and even personal pages.
While alphanumeric domain names already exist, (eg,, fully numeric ones like have not been allowed till now.
The restriction stemmed from the early days of the Internet, when there were concerns that pure numeric domain names (eg. could be confused with Internet Protocol addresses (eg., especially with the early operating systems and software used back then.
With the rapid advancement in technology, today’s operating systems and software are more intelligent and resilient in differentiating and working between domain names and IP addresses. More registries around the world have also started to permit the use of pure numeric domain names, including China and South Korea.
SGNIC, the national registry for domain names, will now also allow pure numeric domain names in all the seven .sg categories (ie. .sg,,,,,, The registration for pure numeric domain names will be phased accordingly:
- 05 November – 28 December 20071: All qualifying applicants including businesses and individuals can register. Trademark owners2 will get priority over other applicants. Example: A company with "123" as its trademark will get priority for, or in any other .sg domain category.
- 18 January – 22 February 2008: Bidding process will take place during this period for domain names with multiple applications.
27 March 2008 onwards: General launch, with allocations on a first-come, first-served basis.
Desirable Domains
Just as there are prized car numbers and mobile phone numbers, domain names with certain numeric significance will also have a price premium attached to them. There are three such categories identified as platinum, golden and silver numeric domain names.
SGNIC general manager Lim Choon Sai said: "Pure numeric domain names are gaining popularity around the world, especially in places like China, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.
"Amid these numeric domains are some number patterns that may be sought after because they have a familiar ring about them. Some might even be deemed as auspicious, especially within the Asian culture. These platinum, golden and silver domain names will join the spectrum of colourful website addresses that make up Singapore’s vibrant online scene. We are definitely looking forward to see some creative uses of numeric domains."

Source: Media Release 22 Oct 2007

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