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     FrontPage Edition: Wed 29 November 2006

M1 launches Singapore¡¯s first true island-wide wireless broadband service


M1 redefines Singapore's home and office broadband market with the launch of 'M1 Broadband' service

M1 will launch Singapore¡¯s first true island-wide wireless broadband service, ¡®M1 Broadband¡¯, on 6 December 2006. M1 Broadband will redefine the way broadband is used in homes, offices and any other location in Singapore.
Using its newly upgraded 3G network that is now the first to offer High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), M1 Broadband will offer initial downlink speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps in the Central Business District and up to 1.8 Mbps for the rest of the island. This will increase to a top speed of 14.4Mbps by the end of next year.
Connecting to PCs and laptops will be easy and convenient with M1 introducing a range of plug & play devices that will be offered free to subscribers.
"We have raised the bar for broadband in Singapore with the launch of M1 Broadband. With the M1 Broadband service, we are offering three very competitive plans that are priced closely to current fixed broadband prices, but offering a superior mobile service providing broadband everywhere. This signals our intention to be a serious player in the home, office and mobile broadband market," said Neil Montefiore, Chief Executive Officer of M1.
New Unlimited Broadband plans with no fixed line charges
The three Unlimited Broadband plans will be attractively priced at S$22, S$38 and S$68 with downlink speeds of up to 384 Kbps, 1.8 Mbps and 3.6 Mbps respectively :

M1 Broadband Plans

Monthly Subscription (S$)

Speeds Up To

Broadband 384


Download: 384 Kbps
Upload: 384 Kbps

Broadband 1800


Download: 1800 Kbps
Upload: 384 Kbps

Broadband 3600


Download: 3600 Kbps
Upload: 384 Kbps

These plans will come with NO additional fixed phone line charges unlike other fixed broadband operators. They will also be extended to enterprise customers without any additional premium charges unlike other broadband operators.
Seamless migration for existing M1 Customers
M1 customers who are currently on the 3G SunSurf 38 and 68 plans will be automatically migrated to the basic tier Broadband 384 Plan at $22/month from 6 December onwards thus giving them almost up to 68% savings instantly.
¡®Plug & Play¡¯ broadband modems
M1 will also introduce new broadband devices for customers that are easy to use, portable and fully integrated. These devices are targeted at both individuals and groups for both home and office use :
1) Broadband modems for individual use
The Vodafone Mobile Connect Modem
The Vodafone Mobile Connect Modem is a highly portable personal USB modem that simply plugs into a USB 2.0 port on any laptop or desktop computer, self-installs its own connectivity software and automatically connects to provide up to 3.6Mbps download speed.
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card
The Vodafone Mobile Connect Card, to be launched soon, is capable of download speeds of up to 3.6Mbps. This card will be an upgrade of the current 3G data card which is already available in the market.
Laptops with built-in M1 Broadband
Exclusive to M1, the new Fujitsu LifeBook Q2010laptop with built-in M1 Broadband connectivity provides laptop users with integrated connectivity and support without need for additional modems.
Mr Ng Yoon Seng, Vice President, Marketing and Business Operations, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific said : "This collaboration is an honour for Fujitsu, as we have been waiting for just such an opportunity to bring this innovation to our consumers. With M1¡¯s timely set up of its HSDPA network, the full potential of the LifeBook Q2010 is unleashed, bringing endless possibilities in the world of mobile communication."
2) Broadband device for family and group use
Vodafone 3G Router
The Vodafone 3G Router will work with the new Vodafone Mobile Connect Card to provide shared Wi-Fi internet connection up to 3.6Mbps downlink speeds through M1 Broadband network. This device provides wireless connectivity for the whole family as well as for business teams working together.
The 3G Router is very portable and can be set up anywhere. The Router is flexible enough to be connected to a PC or provide Wi-Fi connectivity to the laptop so that the whole family can share the Internet connectivity without wires.
Free use of broadband modems
M1 will also make it easy and convenient for customers to get started with M1 Broadband service. Customers who subscribe to any of the three broadband plans will get free use of the devices on loan instead of purchasing them upfront. This will mean that customers are no longer tied to any device contracts. If customers wish to terminate the service after the initial service period of six months, they can simply return the device to M1.
Free delivery island-wide
Those who wish to subscribe to M1 Broadband and wish to receive the USB modem via Free Delivery island-wide should call the M1 Shop Hotline at 1800-843-8383 or order through the website at from 6 December 2006 onwards.
Customers can also visit any M1 shops to subscribe to the new Broadband plans or call 1627 for more information. Enterprise customers can call 1622 or e-mail
M1, Singapore's most exciting and innovative mobile and IDD service provider, was launched in April 1997. Since then, it has made significant inroads into the local mobile communications market, gaining considerable brand presence and market share. M1 aims to be the leader in personal voice, business and data communications, focusing on value, quality and customer service. More information on M1 is available at

Source: Media Release 28 Nov 2006

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