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     Workplace Safety and Health Act replaces Factories Act from 1 Mar 2006

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Workplace accident

A workplace accident refers to any accident occurring in the course of a person¨s work with the following exceptions:

(a) any accident which occurs while a person is commuting to and from his workplace;

(b) any traffic accident on a public road; and

(c) any accident which occurs in the course of work of a domestic worker.

Dangerous occurrences

Dangerous occurrences include collapse/failure of a lifting equipment, failure/collapse of formwork or its supports, fire or explosion resulting in complete suspension of work.

For a complete listing of dangerous occurrences, please refer to

Occupational Diseases

Occupational diseases include Anthrax, Asbestosis, Chronic benzene poisoning, Compressed air illness, Occupational skin diseases, Noise-induced deafness, Occupational asthma and Repetitive strain disorder of the upper limb.

For a complete listing of occupational diseases, please refer to

Source: Press Release 28 Feb 2006