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     Army Museum of Singapore to open in 2007

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Factsheet - The Army Museum of Singapore

Artist's Impression of the New Army Museum (Source:

The Army Museum of Singapore will be housed in a new three-storey building near the SAFTI Military Institute. Resembling three rock-like structures, the architecture of the museum symbolises the Army's quest for progress while being anchored to its mission, values and people. The museum, which is expected to be ready in 2007, will feature six galleries showcasing the development of the Army from its formative years to the present day:


This gallery introduces the Army's Mission while providing a preview of the different galleries in the museum. The Army's mission statement will be carved on a steel wall made from decommissioned SM1 tanks while 30 TV screens will project various images depicting national service and the Army.

Our Early Years

Visitors will be able to relive the experience of Army life in the early days as they walk through an overturned bus lined with old newsreels depicting the security challenges facing a post-independence Singapore. A mock-up of the office of Dr Goh Keng Swee, Singapore's first Defence Minister, will recount his vision for the SAF in safeguarding Singapore's security and defence. An interactive wall will outline the Army's capability development, operations, and efforts to recognise NS over the years, while highlighting the resilience and foresight of our pioneers.

Making of a Soldier

This gallery features the making of a citizen soldier and his NS experiences with Basic Military Training (BMT), overseas training, duties, and the like. A mock-up of a BMT bunk in 1970s with soldier mannequins of different races performing their daily routines will help rekindle the memories of first generation NSmen while highlighting the contrast in conditions experienced by younger NSmen today. Another highlight of this gallery will be the "turnstile" display panels showcasing overseas training and Army duties.

Our Army Today

This gallery profiles a mission ready and capable second generation Army. It reviews the threat environment facing Singapore and covers the Army's successful military operations, its values and contributions to enhancing defence diplomacy. There will be exciting multimedia shows that integrate static displays of Army assets such as SM1 tanks, FH88 39-calibre 155mm gun, and UH-1H helicopters with the sounds of whizzing shells and the smell of gunpowder simulating a battlefield environment.

Our Army in the Future

The possibilities for the Army's future transformation and its evolution are presented here. Visitors can try their hand at interactive gaming via virtual battle simulators, featuring advanced and experimental weaponry and platforms.

Our People

This gallery presents an enduring tribute in appreciation of the efforts of our people. Stories by units and individuals will be archived for visitors to reminisce on the Army experience and nurture an appreciation for the sacrifice, dedication and commitment of successive generations of Singaporeans who have served in the Army as active and NSmen. An electronic database will be available for soldiers past and present to download course photos and personal data. There will also be a "Connection" booth to encourage public browsing of past course photos.